10 Hot Releases by Amazon to Get Your Body in Shape With the Least Effort / Bright Side

There is the New Releases section on Amazon which is home to tons of fresh offers. We had a browse to see if there is something worth your money.

Today, we at Bright Side drew a bead on personal care gadgets. Here is the list of our faves!

10. Magnetic ring that helps burn fat instantly and can be worn as jewelry.

9. The heads will deeply massage your muscles, helping you to burn the fat quickly.

8. Natural ingredients help you keep your skin moist and elastic.

7. Groom and shape your face with this ice ball face massager.

6. Take your yoga practice to the next level.

5. The men’s sauna suite provides pressure on the body, strengthening abs and pecs.

4. Shapes the perfect hips!

3. Reduces muscle tension and fatigue

2. Helps reverse the signs of aging

1. There are 6 workout modes you can use while reading, working, watching TV, or even traveling.

Is there a personal care gadget that works magic for you?

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