Massage Your Babies

11 Ways to Massage Your Babies to Boost Their Development

The Calming Benefits of Infant Massage


infant massage

Whether you’re soothing your little one to dreamland or easing his gassy belly, a gentle massage can work wonders for your baby — and the power is in your tender touch.

You’re not the only one who craves a soothing body rub every now and then. Babies also find a gentle laying on of hands very relaxing — and even therapeutic. That’s because of the five senses, touch is the one that’s most developed at birth, and there’s research to suggest that massage your babies has enormous benefits for helping babies grow and thrive.


How can massage your babies benefit your little one? It can help ease your baby’s tummy troubles and teething pains, boost his muscle development, calm him when he’s fussy, and soothe him to sleep. But the advantages don’t stop there: All that stroking and touching make it easier for you to bond with your newborn. What’s more, giving massage to your babies can help you find your own inner Zen, too (and who can argue with that?).

You can start these gentle massages the day you bring your baby home. Or you can encourage your partner to try his hand at massage your babies — a good opportunity for dad-and-baby bonding.