Massage Your Babies

11 Ways to Massage Your Babies to Boost Their Development

Baby tummy massage for gas


Stomach strokes that massage the belly are designed to encourage trapped air to move. The goal is to move gas and other matter in the intestines towards the bowels.

Many of the stomach strokes suggested for gas begin at the lower right of your baby’s belly (where the large intestine begins) and end at the lower left of your baby’s belly (where the colon begins). When looking at your baby, this means moving from your left to right.


Some of the infant stomach massage techniques listed in the book “Infant Massage: A Handbook for Loving Parents” by Vimala McClure include:

  • Hands of a Clock. Envision the face on a clock on your baby’s tummy. Start at 7 or 8 o’clock and move from left to right in a half moon shape, gently pressing and sliding your hands in a clockwise motion. One hand follows the other.
  • Paddling. Using the long, broad, pinky-side of your hands horizontally across your baby’s belly, gently press in near the rib cage and slide down the length of baby’s tummy. One hand follows the other.
  • Fulling. Lay your two thumbs flat across your baby’s belly, above the belly button. Gently pressing in, slide the thumbs away from each other.
  • I Love You. Starting on the right side of your baby’s belly button, trace the letter I. Follow it by tracing the letter L, sideways, starting at the top left corner of baby’s belly, moving across and down the right side. Finish with an inverted U shape, starting at the bottom left corner of baby’s belly and tracing up, then across the torso above the belly button, and back down the right side. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to tell your baby how much you love them during this, too!
  • Moonwalking. Starting just above the belly button on the left side, gently walk and slide your pointer and middle fingers across baby’s torso to the right side.
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