Spa in sweden

12 Best spa in Sweden

3 The Water Salon Resort in Loka Brunn – Grythyttan:



The Loka Brunn Resort is a traditional country spa and has attracted visitors since the legendary spring water was first discovered 300 years. It is here that the deaf farmworker Värstorp has regained his ability to speak after drinking the spring water; The fall of the “weak Anders” in the mud also led to him becoming “the strong Anders” according to the tales; King Adolf Frederick was treated for his migraine in 1761.


Located about 165 miles west of Stockholm, this traditional country resort has 154 rooms in 54 buildings, some dating back to the 18th century, and each with its own history. The New Water Salon (Vattensalongen) is located on the banks of Norra Loken Lake, which is a beautiful place For a swim or a dip after your own sauna.

Loka Brunn Resort has a long tradition of spa treatments using spring water, mud oil, and pine, which he makes himself from local forests. The therapeutic mud has been Spa in Sweden since the 1700s, and mud baths are a must here, along with massages, face, and body treatments. The usual, along with a shop and café, the spa includes an indoor golf course.