12 Best spa in Sweden

5 Varbergs Kusthotel – in Varberg:



Varbergs Kusthotell (formerly known as Varbergs Kurort) has been a spa destination since the early 1900s and has won awards as Sweden’s Best Spa, a great spa hotel if you want an authentic Swedish experience.


Located just steps from the ocean, Varbergs Kusthotell is the only original thalasso spa bath and Spa in Sweden, with pools with warm and cold seawater, seaweed treatments, and a cool private bath where you can sit in the sauna and then plunge into the sea, there is also a beautiful spa garden with terrace. Sunshade where you can sit in a hammock.

Along with massages, facials, body scrubs, and several uses of the Phytomer marine product line, Varbergs Kusthotel has some unusual treatments, you’ll want to try one where you can delve into a wooden bathtub infused with seawater, then enjoy a massage with selected seaweed. Carefully off the coast of Varbergs, adventurers can try fish massage, in which little carp removes dead skin from your feet.

The rooms with white walls and blue accents are modern and contemporary Swedish, and the restaurant is known for its classic Swedish cuisine.