12 surprising benefits of massage and body massage that make it the most comfortable method

12 surprising benefits of massage and body massage that make it the most comfortable method

77% of people around the year suffer from physical symptoms resulting from daily stress, and the back of the body is one of the parts that most need to be massaged permanently as the nerves pass through the spine, one of the most immediate and known health benefits of massage is that it removes tension and stress from the body .

When the person is in a state of complete relaxation, the body enters into a state of full activation during the massage as it stimulates the work of the nervous system and works to awaken the muscles, organs and glands. The human body needs a massage from time to time in order to rejuvenate the breath and get rid of stress and fatigue.

12 surprising benefits of massage and body massage that make it the most comfortable method

The amazing benefits of massage that eliminate stress and

fatigue from all parts of the body 

1. Massage contributes to the regeneration of skin cells

About 40000-30000 dead cells fall off every minute from the average person. Massage allows for cell renewal, simple friction with the hands of the therapist or with the massage device, especially when adding an oil that works on a simple peeling, contributes to breathing and cell regeneration.

12 surprising benefits of massage and body massage that make it the most comfortable method

2. The nervous system is greatly relaxed after the massage 

The tightness and tension of the muscles can cause pressure on the nerves, and this puts the nervous system into tension. Massage may ease this tension and help relax the nervous system.

The rest of the nervous system means the balanced production of hormones, as the production of stress hormones such as corticosteroids contrasts and the production of happiness and comfort hormones such as endorphins, hormones that regulate sleep, wakefulness, immune cells, blood sugar and even the amount of food you eat increases. You will all interact positively with the relaxation accompanying the body massage.

3. Massage contributes to the relaxation of muscles and bones

The muscles of the body are like a sponge, their contraction leads to blood pressure and lymph fluid, while relaxing them works to renew the blood

4. Massage works to get rid of lymph toxins from the body

The lymphatic system works to balance the fluid with the immune system. Lymph vessels correspond to blood vessels throughout the body, and lymph nodes are found in the neck, armpits and thighs.

When the body is massaged, blood begins to flow to the muscles and tissues, and the lymph nodes filter dead cells and pathogens.

5. Massage is essential for a healthy heart 

The heart is a muscle that never stops, but this does not mean that it does not benefit from rest, as massage works to expand blood vessels and thus increase blood flow and deliver oxygen to all parts of the body. It improves blood circulation throughout the body, and it also regulates blood pressure and heart rate.

6. Massage has a very healthy effect for the digestive system

Stress affects the digestive system, and one of the most important ways to relax the digestive system and regulate its tasks is through massage. As massage regulates the digestive process and facilitates the transport of food through the intestine, it also contributes to improving the movement of the large intestine and increases the production of saliva, gastric juices and other fluids necessary for proper digestion.

When food moves through the digestive system smoothly, the stomach, gallbladder, pancreas, and intestine work together to better absorb the maximum amount of nutrients and get all the benefits from the food eaten.

7. Massage relieves pain and swelling in the muscles 

One of the benefits of massage is that it relieves pain and swelling, as it relaxes the muscles, helps reduce pain caused by tension and stress, and moves blood circulation helps remove swelling.

8. Massage helps improve blood circulation 

Massage stimulates blood circulation and increases blood flow in all parts of the body. It also helps oxygen and nutrients reach the muscles, tissues and major organs.

9. Massage helps relieve labor during labor 

A back massage helps relieve the pain that some women feel in the lower back during labor, thus making labor easier.

12 surprising benefits of massage and body massage that make it the most comfortable method

10. Massage has a very positive effect on sleep 

Massage relaxes muscles and relieves pain and tension that cause difficulty in sleeping, and this allows improved sleep and maximum levels of rest and absorption to achieve optimal performance and good health.

11. Massage helps to heal tissues and muscles in a short period of time

Massage helps heal spastic, weak or atrophied tissues and muscles, which in turn improves the range of motion and the overall performance of the body.

We also note that most athletes who have tight and spastic muscles take massage as a way to get rid of pain, and increase the flexibility of joints and muscles.

12. Massage relieves depression and anxiety

Massage therapy helps release endorphins in the body, which helps you feel happy, energized and relaxed.

12 surprising benefits of massage and body massage that make it the most comfortable method

At one time, massage was considered one of the methods of luxury and comfort and can be enjoyed in the health club, but it has become part of healthy habits and one of the most common comfort methods and is often recommended by doctors within a comprehensive health program. Massages are also becoming more and more popular and anyone can own a massager at home for personal use anytime they need it.