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Although parents can’t really take days off, there are some products designed especially for moms and dads that can help you take a much needed break. From play mats that keep your baby occupied to adorable potties that make saying goodbye to diapers a bit easier, Amazon offers lots of products you didn’t even know you needed.

Bright Side made a list of baby essentials that are currently on sale so you can take a little break from your hard job.

1. A digital thermometer that changes colour to indicate the temperature of the room.

2. Reins for toddlers that will help you find your child in a crowd.

3. A toddler booster seat that’s easy to clean.

4. A play mat that’s perfect for tummy time.

5. An activity cube that develops hand-eye coordination.

6. Floating toys to help your toddler love baths.

7. A bed guard to ensure safety in the children’s room.

8. A feeding set that’ll help your baby adjust to weaning.

9. A potty training seat that’s easy to carry around the house.

10. A sleep bag to safely swaddle your baby.

11. A set of teethers that’ll help soothe babies’ swollen gums.

12. A night light that soothes your baby to sleep.

13. A breathable cot liner that keeps your baby’s arms and legs safely inside.

14. A car toy that’ll entertain your baby on a road trip.

15. A bamboo plate that’s perfect for the start of the weaning journey.

What are the absolute essentials for a new baby? Which of these products could help you the most?

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