15 Cool New Releases on Amazon That Will Spice Up Your Day / Bright Side

When our days start to get monotonous it’s not always easy to get things interesting, especially because we are so busy. But Amazon has new and amusing products that will help you make your days more engaging.

From the latest Amazon items, we at Bright Side chose the coolest and wittiest ones and we hope you like them as well.

1. Pan steam vents

2. A magnetic sign for dishwashers

3. Star Wars wooden spoons

4. Panda bag clips

5. Cooking oil bottle dispenser with silicone brush

6. Neon flame colored birthday candles

7. Egg storage for transport

8. Froggy tea infuser

9. Thanos gauntlet gloves bottle opener

10. LED water faucet (2 pieces)

11. Star Wars LED light

12. Motorbike pizza cutter

13. Flying orb with lights

14. Smart sleeping eye mask with headphones

15. Bogey Man egg separator

What is the coolest gadget that you own? Which one would you like to have from this list?

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