18 Celebrities Who Became More Charismatic With Every Wrinkle and Gray Hair / Bright Side

A survey has shown that 72% of women find men with graying hair more attractive. After all, gray hair — like wrinkles — is a sign of maturity and wisdom, which are no less desirable than youth. And today, more women, including Hollywood stars like Andie MacDowell and Jamie Lee Curtis, are choosing to flaunt their white manes instead of dying them, proving that there’s undeniable beauty in aging, especially when we decide to do it gracefully.

1. George Clooney

2. Pierce Brosnan

3. Jane Fonda

4. Steve Carrell

5. Sarah Jessica Parker

6. Andy Cohen

7. Chris Pine

8. Daniel Day-Lewis

9. Jamie Lee Curtis

10. Andie MacDowell

11. Morgan Freeman

12. Patrick Dempsey

13. Meryl Streep

14. Ben Stiller

15. Eric Dane

16. Diane Keaton

17. Jon Bon Jovi

18. Mark Ruffalo

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