12 Best spa in Sweden

Nevertheless, you can get an excellent massage, be it Swedish or otherwise, within this health and wellness country. Spas are very popular in Sweden, and the Scandinavian bathing tradition – which includes several rounds of hot saunas followed by a dip in a cold bath – is still in heavy use.

While there are many ultra-luxurious and modern American style resorts, there are also rustic spas built around traditional healing springs. Swedes believe in a policy of public entry from the public into the lands, so you can wander around the country freely, and many Swedish spas offer walking tours, hill climbing and other refreshing outdoor activities.

There is one thing to keep in mind: Swedish resort-goers feel more comfortable in being naked than the average American, so there may be communal saunas where everyone is naked. Wearing a bathing suit in the sauna will indicate that you are a tourist, people will not even wrap themselves up. In towels – they sit on them, like naked people would jump into lakes, swim in puddles, scatter on beaches, just don’t stare at them – that’s very rude, but you probably know it.


1 Nordic Spa at Grand Hôtel – Stockholm:


With its interiors and a great location on Stockholm’s waterfront, the Grand Hôtel has been home to international celebrities and fitness lovers since 1874, a five-star hotel with 273 rooms and 70 suites, the Grand Hotel hosted its first Nobel Banquet in 1901.


It is a very luxurious place to stay in Stockholm, with an urban hotel spa paved with granite from Grythyttan and Rauk from Gotland. Guests are encouraged to enjoy the Scandinavian bathing ritual, simply heat in the sauna, soak in cold water or take a cold shower, then repeat several times.

It can come as a shock to beginners, but when you get used to it, the temperature contrast is surprisingly good, which is great for circulation in the body, follow it up with a good Swedish massage with birch oil, which soothes sore muscles.

The spa offers massages, facials by Organic Pharmacy, and body treatments with a private organic spa line. It also has reflexology sessions, acupuncture, cupping, toi-na, and lymphatic massages for those wishing to adventure.


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