Spas: from paradises to hell!

It is the fashion for spas and spa, where rest and relaxation are possible. There is no doubt that we mean it to get rid of the pressures of daily life and the worries that surround our reality. Resorts and most of them in Lebanon! They compete with each other to attract the largest number of customers.

However, the intent soon becomes a victim, a victim of a window set for him by a life of luxury … These resorts are a double-edged weapon, so you should be careful!

Spa massages:

The Body spa and massage site researchers talk about the many benefits of massage that are available in spas, and the Mayo Clinic researchers agree.

Massage is a complementary and alternative treatment for humans, which aims to relieve stress and fatigue, joint and muscle pain, and any type of pain.

Studies have unanimously agreed that massage combats anxiety, digestive disorders, Fibromyalgia, headache, stress-related insomnia, myofascial pain syndrome, nerve pain, sports-related injuries and other types of injuries, temporal joint pain.

On the other hand, massage shows some risks, including: bleeding disorders, burns, wound regurgitation, deep vein thrombosis, fractures, severe osteoporosis, severe thrombocytopenia.

In rare cases, the massage may cause internal bleeding, nerve damage, temporary paralysis, and sensitivity to some types of oils and creams used. Hence, the importance of consulting or informing the doctor about the intention to undergo a massage at resorts, especially if the woman is pregnant, or if the individual suffers from unexplained pain or cancer.

As for the massagetherapy researchers, they add that massage relieves lower back pain and improves range of motion, helps pregnant women stay in the hospital for a shorter period of time at birth, relieves drug dependence, and boosts the body’s immunity by stimulating the natural lymph defense system. In focus, it confers energy.

What to expect from a masseur:

Before starting the massage session, the masseur should ask you about any symptoms you are experiencing, your health history, and what you look forward to getting from this session. He or she should also explain to you the type of massage that he will be doing and familiarize you with the types of techniques used during it.

Conversely, if you feel pain when you undergo a massage, ask the masseur to reduce the strength he is applying.

The importance of touch:

Virginia Sadock, a psychiatry professor, explains to Webmd that frequenting spas and wellness centers gives people a feeling of long-term care and comfort, helping them combat stress and fatigue. She adds that physical contact is necessary for a person to feel happy and comfortable, even if it is from a stranger.

If it is a professional, it will have a health impact on humans. Studies by Florida State University and George Mason have also shown that a “spa” treatment reduces absenteeism from work and even illnesses and frequent hospitalizations for treatment.

The risk of spa treatment:

In exchange for its advantages, spa treatment poses a danger to humans, as confirmed by studies, as well as by a number of researchers from several universities and the Webmd site.

Diabetics, for example, must exercise great caution when receiving foot treatment, because any deformation in the skin caused by rough and severe pruning leads to cellulitis. In addition, the inability to know how clean the water used in the resort is, which may carry with it the bacteria that cause infections.

It is also known that undergoing a massage during the menstrual cycle increases the intensity of bleeding because it improves the blood flow on the one hand, and relieves symptoms and pain of the menstrual cycle on the other hand, such as lower back pain and uterine cramps, and reduces the feeling of bloating.

The “sauna” is dangerous for you if you suffer from colds, asthma and inflammation of the breath, because the dry air that you inhale makes you suffocate. In addition to the types of allergies that may affect you due to the types of fluids and oils used.

Dr. Antoine Challita, Professor of Family Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Balamand and the Rum Hospital, explains that the spa is closed places, where bacteria move through the water, such as Escherischia coli and Pseudomonas.

This is in addition to the birth of fungi that live in moisture and result from skin-to-skin contact, and the transmission of the virus respiratoire that may be picked up by the individual, which is caused by the infection, as one of the visitors to the resort may suffer from the flu, which causes him to transmit the infection to others, because the spa is a closed place in which it is not Aeration.

To prevent spa dangers, Shalita advises the need to maintain hygiene standards in the resort, and to ensure a system of ventilation, water replenishment and the use of good quality products.

In addition to sterilizing the towels in an effective way to protect against skin diseases and fungi.

So, think twice before going to these spas to be of complete benefit and avoid any negative effects.

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