30 Famous Movie Scenes trick us with the visual effects


We are often surprised to see before and after celebrity plastic surgery, before and after getting old, before and after marriage, etc.

But it will be really interesting to see before and after the visual effects that Hollywood directors and filmmakers make, as we will see how much visual effects and illusions are in the movies.

Many of the films that capture hearts, and raise questions about the nature and place of filming, take place in closed studios, and some of them take place in public places, mountains, forests, or even in the streets, but the role of directing and montage remains in adding visual effects, tricks, etc.


On a photo site, we tried to simulate some of the famous movie clips, in which visual effects and deception are added, in order to present a clear and direct picture of the shots before and after these effects.

30. Rise of an Empire

The shot provides us with a clear picture of the before and after the visual effects, during the Persian Emperor standing in front of his people .. The fact is that he is standing in front of a part of a closed room in which there is no person in front of him.!

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