5 amazing benefits of massaging the skin

5 amazing benefits of massaging the skin

If you like to go to a beauty salon for massages and skin care, today we teach you that facial massage, in addition to ensuring a feeling of comfort and relaxation, has many benefits.

We offer you 5 reasons to make you Thraein massage your face at least once a month.

Benefits of facial massage

Stimulate blood circulation and improve the appearance of the skin

Poor blood circulation in the face area causes bacteria and toxins to appear, and their prolonged stay in the pores of the skin leads to many skin infections, especially if you do not get enough sleep or when the skin is exposed to stress and psychological pressure. These infections can be reduced by stimulating blood circulation using a facial massage technique that will not only make you feel comfortable, but also help blood flow better inside the vessels, which rid the skin of toxins through the lymphatic system. By eliminating toxins and supplying the skin with more oxygen through the rapid flow of blood in the facial area, you will find that your skin will start to improve.

Eliminate toxins and relieve water retention

Some types of facial massages work the muscles of the face, while others focus on the lymph nodes.

Lymphatic massage removes toxins accumulated on the surface of the skin through the lymphatic system on the face and neck. This technique helps to purify the skin and reduce puffiness from the cheeks or under the eyes.

Improving the appearance of the face

One of the benefits of massaging the face is to eliminate toxins. Exercise the facial muscles in front of a mirror, and you will find that your skin begins to improve and its elasticity has increased. It is also possible to get rid of pimples and acne by massaging the face on a regular basis, as the flow of blood inside the vessels works to heal the skin.

Reducing the appearance of wrinkles

Facial muscles weaken after the age of 4 0, which causes sagging of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles as a result of losing those muscles to proteins and imbalance of skin hormones, so we recommend resorting to facial muscle exercises in front of the mirror or undergo facial massages, because they help to counter the effects of aging.

Facial massages help to relax muscles, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, as well as provides the skin with nutrients and oxygen, which contributes to improving collagen production and skin cell regeneration.

Naturally tighten the skin

Botox has become a popular method of tightening the skin, and many women are turning to Botox and skin injections to maintain youthful and wrinkle-free skin. If you want to preserve the youth of your skin without resorting to non-surgical cosmetic techniques, use the facial massage technique, as it promotes collagen production in the skin, preserving its e