5 Amazing Health Benefits of Foot Massages

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Foot Massages

Although the feet are one of the most used organs daily, the feet are the least important part of us. Massaging the feet daily for several minutes has many benefits on the feet and on the body in general. There are many ancient and modern cultures concerned with foot massage, and they consider it one of the basics of alternative medicine that improves the activity of the body. And those cultures depend on the feet having several centers that are reflected in most of the body parts. And massage revitalizes and stimulates these organs and helps to cure some diseases as well. How? This is what we will learn about in the next lines.

Helping to sleep peacefully

In the sitting position, raise your foot above the level of your other knee, and using your thumbs press the sole of the big toe from its origin in a circular motion for one minute for each foot. Then, massage the soles of the feet with coconut or olive oil for 10 minutes per foot. It is preferable to do this massage for your feet right before going to bed.

Stimulate blood circulation

Standing and daily movement for long periods may cause the muscles of the foot not to be used optimally, or to overwork the muscles significantly. This leads to impairing blood circulation in the feet, and massaging the feet stimulates blood circulation and pumps blood into the muscles of the feet and legs. Apply a small amount of olive oil to the soles of your feet and give a powerful massage for several minutes. Then give the sole of the foot light successive slaps, starting from the toes to the heel and up to the joint, after that give a light massage to the lower leg. This massage is repeated for the other foot.

Help to relax

After a long day, massaging the feet helps you relax. And massaging the feet for ten minutes a day improves your health and helps you sleep. Use warm olive oil to make the massage.

Prevention of depression

Foot massage prevents depression, and gives the body the energy needed to overcome periods of sadness and depression. A study published in 2010 confirmed that massaging the feet of people who had recently lost close people helped them overcome the period of sadness and depression. To prevent depression, massage is done by massaging the area below the middle of the big toe and the middle of the sole of the foot. You can massage these areas or simply press them for a few minutes two to three times a day.

Prevention of infection with various pains

Foot massage may help relieve headache, migraine, neck pain, and lower and upper spine pain. Massage your foot from the side, starting from the side of the big toe toward the heel, in small circular motions back and forth. And upon completion, massage the soles of the foot as well, and this is to overcome back pain. For neck pain, massage your toes and finger joints for five minutes, and you will notice the neck pain is gone.
Foot massage also has many benefits, including lowering high blood pressure, preventing swollen feet during pregnancy and relieving premenstrual symptoms and menopause.