5 Causes of hip pain in women

Common causes of hip pain in women
Does your hip hurt? As with other types of chronic pain, women tend to experience it more often than men.

But because hip pain can have a number of different causes, identifying the correct cause is key to getting the best treatment.

Hip pain in women can be caused by wear and tear, overuse, and some other causes. Here are the most common reasons

Common for hip pain in women.

Diagnosis: is it hip?
When you tell your doctor that your hip is hurting, the first thing you should do is confirm that the hip is really the problem.

Women may say they have hip pain, but what they may mean is that they have a pain in the side of the upper thigh or

Upper buttocks, or they might have lower back pain, says Stephanie Siegrist, MD, orthopedic surgeon at

Rochester, New York, spokeswoman for the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

Hip pain is most often felt in the groin or outside the thigh joint directly over where the hip joint (ball-and-socket joint) is located.

Causes of hip pain in women
When a patient comes to the doctor with complaints of hip pain, the doctor looks at the patient’s age, level, and activity.

If the patient is thin or fat at the age of 20, or a heavy and stable grandmother at the age of 80 years,

“The possibilities and the reasons determined by the doctor will vary according to the data that have been mentioned.”

Among the most common causes of hip pain in women are:

Chronic arthritis
Hip pain in women is often due to arthritis, especially osteoporosis, and it is the one that affects many people as they age.

“The ball-and-socket joint begins to wear out.” Arthritis pain is often felt in the front of the thigh or in the groin, due to stiffness or swelling in the joint.

Hip fractures
Hip fractures are common in older women, especially with osteoporosis (reduced bone density).

Symptoms of a hip fracture include pain when straightening, elevating, or standing your leg. Also, your toes will appear to the side

The affected person, which is a sign that can aid in the initial diagnosis of your doctor.

Tendinitis and bursitis
Several tendons around the hip connect muscles to the joint. These tendons can easily become inflamed if you overdo them

Use it or participate in strenuous activities. Iliac band syndrome is one of the most common causes of tendinitis

In the hip joint, especially in runners, the iliac girdle is a thick extension of tissue that extends from the outer edge of your pelvis to the outside of your knee.

Another common cause of hip pain in women is bursitis, says Marc Philippon, an orthopedic surgeon

In Vail, Colorado. Fluid-filled cysts called bursae loosen the bony portion of the hip near the hip

the roof. Like tendons, these cysts can become inflamed from irritation or overuse and cause pain when moving the hip joint.

Hernia in the groin area
Femoral and inguinal hernias – sometimes referred to as sports hernias – can cause anterior (anterior) hip pain in women.

Pregnant women can be at risk of an inguinal hernia due to the added pressure on the abdominal wall.

Gynecological and back diseases
“Hip pain in women can have a gynecological cause. ”

It’s important not to just assume the pain is due to arthritis, bursitis, or tendinitis. Depending on your age

And other health problems, the pain in the hip may be caused by another system. ”

Endometriosis (when tissue that resembles endometrial tissue grows outside the uterus) can cause pain

Pelvis, which some women describe as pain in the hip. Back and spine pain can be felt around the buttocks

And hip. Sciatica, which is a pinched nerve, usually affects one side of the body and can cause pain in the part

Back of the right or left hip – Sciatica pain can start in your lower back and move to the buttocks and legs.

Hip pain treatment options
The treatment for hip pain depends on the diagnosis, but pain from overuse or injuries is often treated

Sports with heat, comfort and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs. In order to prevent injuries, it is important

Stretch before exercising and wear appropriate clothing, especially good shoes when running.

If certain activities or overuse are causing hip pain, stop those that worsen the discomfort and talk to your doctor.

Excess weight can put stress on the hip joint, so losing weight can provide relief and help you

Avoid more problems.

Some causes of hip pain, such as a fracture or hernia, may need surgical repair. If hip pain persists, talk to your doctor about potential causes and treatments.

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