Baby Massage

5 Important Benefits of Baby Massage


Massaging your baby is a way to give him a gentle pampering and spend time with him, so find out what benefits your baby can benefit from and how to get started.

* What are the benefits of a baby massage?

Research indicates that infant massage may have multiple health benefits.

For example, massaging a baby may contribute to the following:
1- Stimulate interaction between you and your baby
2- Help your baby to relax and sleep
3- Positive impact on the baby’s hormones, which helps control stress
4- Reducing crying
5- In spite of need According to more research, some studies also show that infant massage that includes the effect of moderate pressure may enhance the growth of premature babies.


Baby massage involves a little preparation and a few basic techniques. How to start:

1-Create a calm climate

Make sure to massage in a warm and quiet place, if possible, whether inside or outside the home. Take off jewelry. Sit comfortably on the floor or bed, or stand in front of the baby changing table and position your baby on a blanket or towel in front of you. Adjust your baby’s position on his back, so you can maintain eye contact with him. And when you undress your baby, tell him it is time for his massage.