Baby Massage

5 Important Benefits of Baby Massage

2-Adjust your touches

when this is your first massage for your baby, pay attention to touching him gently. However, avoid tickling your baby, as it may make him irritable. As your child matures, use stronger touches with him.

3-Slowly massage and massage each part of your baby’s body

You can start by adjusting your baby’s position on his stomach and spend one minute each time massaging different places, including your baby’s head, neck, shoulders, upper back, waist, thighs, feet and hands. Next time, adjust your baby’s position on his back and take a minute each time you flex and stretch your baby’s arms and legs, then both legs at the same time. Finally, whether your baby is on his back or stomach, repeat the massage movements for another five minutes.


4– Stay relaxed

Talk to your baby throughout the massage period. You can sing to him or tell him a story. Try to repeat your child’s name and the word relax (or calm down), as this will help him de-stress.

5-Watch the baby’s response to you

if your child shakes his arms and looks happy, as he is most likely enjoying the massage and you can continue to massage him, and if your child turns his head away from you or looks uncomfortable or unhappy, stop the massage and try to massage again later.

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