5 of the most luxurious bathrooms in Tunisia

When you live in North Africa, the bathroom becomes an integral part of your routine. Whether you are in Morocco, Algeria or Tunisia, you have endless options of bathrooms to the extent that choosing the right resort that meets your needs can become confusing. Some bathrooms are very small and some are very large and cold, and there are resorts that describe themselves with bathrooms, although they are not at all. So, whether you live in Tunisia or spend your vacation there, looking for a comfortable resort that blends tradition and luxury, we offer you the best hammam resorts in Tunisia.

Dar El Jeld Spa

Dar El Jeld Spa
Whether you are looking for a getaway in the heart of Tunis or for the best hammam in it, Dar El Jadid Resort will be your perfect choice. This resort features a traditional Tunisian design with modern touches, and is larger than your private bathroom, and it will give you comfort and relaxation. This bathroom consists of four sections (the hot steam room, scrub room, massage room and shower room). The massage room uses all kinds of natural Tunisian oils, so it is the ideal place to enjoy a wonderful hammam experience. dareljeld.com

La Villa Bleue

La Villa Bleue Spa
La Villa Bleue is located in the village of Sidi Bou Said, which is characterized by its peaceful atmosphere and the scenery of its beautiful blue and white houses. This resort is a real experience in itself. Although the bathroom is small, it is very impressive and can make you enjoy the traditional rituals that include the use of mineral clay from Tunisian sources, in addition to enjoying a session to exfoliate the skin using the traditional glove known as the “bag”. After finishing the bath, do not miss the opportunity to go up to the roof of the hotel to enjoy the view of the Mediterranean Sea while you sip a cup of tea.

Four Seasons Spa

Four Seasons Spa
There are only a few resorts in Tunisia that can be compared to the Four Seasons Resort. You will begin your bath rituals with a swimming pool session and then immerse yourself in a full bath ritual inspired by ancient Carthaginian traditions.

Dar El Marsa Spa

Dar El Marsa Spa
Although it is located in the busiest street of the Marsa, once you enter the bathroom of Dar El Marsa you will feel comfortable and calm, away from the hustle and bustle. You can choose the experience you are looking for, whether it is a traditional hammam and exfoliation or pampering yourself with different sea salts, henna or algae.

La Badira Spa

La Badira SpaHammamet may be famous for their partying, but Labadera Resort is the perfect retreat to indulge in relaxation. This resort is located in the neighborhood of Yasmine, and it is distinguished from the other resorts of the region. It is the perfect place to enjoy a hammam experience and then take a dip in the outdoor pool overlooking the sea. labadira.com

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