5 things you should know about massaging your baby

Massaging the newborn is not something to pamper him only, it is a need that you and he benefit from; To puncture your bonds, help him sleep, and other benefits, follow her with us.

1. Excellent for bonding.
You can gently massage your baby from birth. Spending this time alone with him will help you both get to know each other.

2. It may help him to sleep,
allocate about half an hour. Many mothers massage their children before bedtime, because this helps the child to relax, but as long as he enjoys it, any time will be good except after eating a meal or milk, because his stomach should calm down. .

3. How do you get started?
Take off his clothes and put him on a soft towel and massage him.Your hands must also be warm, and you will need an oil or lotion, and although you can learn certain techniques, the important thing is that the pressure is light so as not to be disturbed, close your eyes and press the tips of the fingers on your eyelids, This is the appropriate level of stress for your child.

4. Learn the technique,
rub his temples and ears with a gentle circular motion. Pass your fingers lightly over his eyebrows, eyelids, and around his mouth, move to his shoulders and chest, massage in circular motions, then massage the legs and feet, so that you strike light strokes on each thigh with your entire hand down, and when you pray To his feet, pull very gently on his toes, then rub the top of each foot with your thumb.

5. Stop if he is not happy
If your child does not seem to enjoy the massage, stop .. Is the room warm enough? Does the child feel comfortable? If he still doesn’t feel the urge to have a massage, try again at another time.

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