7 simple steps to a facial massage at home

7 simple steps to a facial massage at home

Why do so many people go to face massage parlors and spend so much money on face creams? Because they don’t know there is a cheaper and more beneficial option, they don’t need to overpay for bright, youthful, wrinkle-free skin. How about a facial massage? It leaves your skin looking great. What many women don’t know is that you can control and massage your face on your own. It may sound daunting, but we will guide you in 7 easy and simple steps that you can do at home. 

5 amazing benefits of massaging the skin

what do you need?

1 . cold water

2 . Baby oil

3 . Cotton pads

4 . Face scrapper

5 . Home massage cream

6 . face mask

7 . Toner 

8 . Skin moisturizer

Skin preparation steps

  • Before massaging your skin, you must remove any makeup from your skin.
  • Put a little baby oil on a cotton pad and use it to wipe makeup off your face.
  • Rinse it off with cold water.
  • Use a cleanser (like chamomile face wash) to cleanse your skin of any toxins.
  • Be gentle as you apply the cleanser to your face and rub it into your skin. Rinse it off with cold water.
  • Exfoliate your skin with a soft scrub, and scrub your entire face, paying special attention to the areas around the eyes, nose and mouth.

Facial massage steps

  • After we cleanse and exfoliate , your skin is ready to be massaged. If your skin becomes irritated due to cleaning, wait a few minutes before massaging.
  • Use a face massage cream. Take some homemade cream, make yourself 3 massage creams at home, and rub it into the palms of your hands until warm. The cream should become more liquid, allowing it to be absorbed easily by your skin.
  • Start at the bottom of your face. Your neck or chin. Move your fingers from bottom to top, and finish with your forehead.
  • While applying the cream, do so in an upward direction. Continue applying the cream (add more as needed) until your face is completely covered.
  • Once you have applied the cream all over your face, you can start massaging the skin in an upward direction. Give equal time to all parts of your face.
  • Pull the skin toward the sides of your face during the massage. Focus on the areas around your mouth, nose, and eyes (even your eyelids).
  • You can massage your skin as long as you like, but when the cream absorbs into the skin, you can stop. If you want to continue, put more face cream on your hands and start