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7 tips to learn a foreign language quickly

The 7 tips in this article are given to us by a language professional, Pierre, himself a polyglot and passionate about learning a new language. He shares with us what for him is essential when we start in a language: to be active, to speak orally… Follow his advice!

Learning a foreign language is an exciting project, but one that requires a lot of investment. On my blog I make articles and videos to help you get there. Here are seven tips that will make it easier for you to learn any language.

1) Have an active approach

Use the language from the beginning of your learning. After all, that’s why you embarked on this project, right? Speak and write with pride, even if you only know five sentences! In this way, you will gain self-confidence very early. Taking language courses is not everything, it’s a state of mind!

2) Do not neglect the oral

The French accent is sexy… up to a point. First, use phonetics to tame sounds that do not exist in our language and listen to everything that passes to your ear: movies, series, songs, conversations… In parallel, practice repeating often to acquire a good intonation.

3) Don’t stay alone

Meet as soon as possible native speakers of your target language to chat with them, near you or on the Internet. If they learn French, they will be all the more motivated to help you.

Admit that talking with human beings is more motivating than staying one-on-one with a book! Learning a language is also about sharing!

4) Stop thinking in French

Each language has its own functioning, so stop comparing everything to French. If you approach your new language with a fresh eye, you will understand it much faster, especially its grammar.

5) Immerse yourself in the language

If possible, go and practice your new language in the country where it is spoken. Otherwise, you can create an immersion bubble without even leaving your home!

6) Learn the vocabulary you need, with the right techniques

Drop the vocabulary lists and use this much more effective method called spaced repetition. Many applications on phone allow you to do this, why deprive yourself of it?

Then, make sure you learn the vocabulary you really need, to express your own ideas and understand your interlocutors. You will memorize it more easily as well.

7) Work regularly and maintain your motivation

Learning a foreign language is not done in a day, nor in a month. Find your source of motivation and maintain it so that your project of learning this new language always makes sense to you. Set up time to exercise a little each day: half an hour a day will take you much further than you think.

If you follow these very simple tips, you will greatly increase your chances of being fluent in your favorite foreign

language. I wish you a lot of fun in your learning.