A new mechanism that allows massage activities for women in Saudi Arabia

A new regulatory mechanism will end the suffering of women’s workshop owners who were prohibited from providing massage and physiotherapy activities because they were not given a license to provide them, and they were not allowed to obtain permits for it, as the Ministry of Labor demanded the General Presidency for Youth Welfare to create a regulatory mechanism for massage and physical therapy activities by providing the Ministry with its needs from Manpower to practice this activity over the next three years until coordination is made with the “Human Resources” fund, to prepare training programs for them.
The owners of the workshops have also sought during the last period to obtain these permits, but they entered into a vortex between several official parties, and the request came after information was available to the security authorities about “providing massage services to customers in hotels, barber salons, private sports clubs, and other places of practicing physiotherapy.” According to life.

The committee referred to women’s activities that are practiced in an irregular form under the name of licenses for women’s workshops, such as: massages, baths of all kinds, cosmetics for women (hairdressers), and women’s sports clubs, stressing the need to allow the opening of clubs, centers and gyms for women, and setting controls for them due to the need of women for such. Activity, because it is practiced in a different way, stressing the importance of “allowing the opening of beauty centers for women (hairdressers), and setting controls for them,” pointing to “the urgent need for such activity that is actually practiced under the name of a female atelier.”

The conditions that must be met for the opening of the women’s centers included “that the applicant should be Saudi, and the approval of the sub-municipality is taken on the site before signing the lease contract.” Only licensed works. In addition to «that the operator is equipped with everything necessary according to the nature of the work, and the operator is managed by its owner, supervising him or appointing a representative for her, with the possibility of contacting her, and following the instructions of the Ministry of the Interior regarding the opening and closing times.

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