Abdominal massage for constipation | You can do it at home

Constipation is one of the symptoms that we suffer from from time to time and it may affect the course of our daily life, in this article we will talk about methods of abdominal massage for constipation, whether by directly massaging the abdomen or by using reflexology by foot massage or hand massage to treat constipation and other places that can be Massaging it to help relieve the symptoms of constipation, and we will explain a method of massage for children.

What is constipation?

Constipation occurs when bowel movements become less frequent (less than three times a week) or difficult to pass. This decrease in bowel movements can last for several weeks or more, and most of the time the stools can be hard and dry.

Can massage help with constipation?

Regular massage can help relieve constipation by helping to release gases, and it may also help treat any underlying or comorbid conditions.For example, regular massage can reduce stress and in turn reduce pain associated with IBS.

“You should talk to your doctor and consult him before doing the massage.”

Castor oil, argan oil, or coconut oil can be used for this type of massage, or any of the essential oils for an added benefit.

It is believed that abdominal massage is especially beneficial for constipation, but you may also find other types of massages.

Abdominal massage for constipation

Research shows that abdominal massage can be effective in treating chronic constipation, and studies have found that it helps by:

  • Increased frequency of bowel movements.
  • Reducing the time of passage for feces in the colon.
  • Reducing pain and discomfort.

Abdominal massage has also been shown to be very helpful in post-operative situations, as it stimulates muscle contractions which help increase bowel movement in people with a temporary lack of bowel movement that can lead to intestinal obstruction.

Abdominal massage method for self-control

  • Lie on your back and use both hands to gently press on your stomach.
  • Start from the lower right side of your abdomen and slowly circles clockwise, using gentle pressure.
  • Then, use the palm of your right hand to apply gentle pressure on the inside of the hip bone.
  • Release and tap on the right side, under the center of the ribs, and the left side.
  • Move to your left hand to compress the left hip bone.
  • Use your fingertips to apply pressure to your stomach and pull up.
  • Again, start at the lower right and move clockwise.

You can repeat any of these steps multiple times, but be careful not to overdo it.

Colon massage to relieve constipation

Colon massage is sometimes referred to as a deep abdominal massage or internal organ massage, as a colon massage helps:

  • Removal of gases, blockages and excretory materials.
  • Reducing abdominal fluids.
  • Improve overall digestive health.

How to perform a colon massage

  • Sit or lie down with your knees bent until your torso is loose and your belly soft.
  • Use your fingertips, your knuckles, or the heel of your hand to apply pressure to your stomach.
  • Do a horseshoe colon massage.
  • Start in the lower right corner of your stomach and move up.
  • Then massage under the ribs, then to the left, then to the left side, then into the center.
  • You can stop and focus on any part that needs extra attention.

Other types of massages to relieve constipation

There are many other massage options that can be used to treat constipation.Massages that focus on other parts of the body can be used alone or in combination with other types of massage, and this allows for some variety while checking out the options that suit the person.

Point Foot Rub ST36 )

Point st36

Point (St36) is a useful point for treating constipation, which relieves stomach and intestinal disorders, promotes digestion and strengthens the whole body. Also known as the Three Mile Point, this is found four toes wide below the kneecap and one toe width toward the outside of the tracheal bone. When you get to the right place, you will feel the flexion of the muscle as you move your foot up and down. Use your palms to rub this point for one minute on the leg, in addition to its usefulness in relieving symptoms of constipation, it is a useful point for asthma, menstrual symptoms, insomnia, depression, and nervousness.

Foot massage (reflexology)

Foot massage, also known as reflexology, can be used to treat constipation.

Research from 2003 found that children with constipation showed improvement in symptoms after receiving reflexology, as the children had six 30-minute sessions over a six-week period. The treatment also helped with so-called fecal contamination.

To do this:

  • Use your thumb to massage the center of your right heel, and work your way to the outer edge.
  • Then move up towards the center of your foot.
  • Massage until the middle of the right foot, then cross the left foot. Massage to the outer edge.
  • Then massage along the edge and move inward to the center of the left heel.
  • Finish off with a massage on the inside of the left foot.

Back massage

Getting a back or a full-body massage can relax your entire body, which in turn improves digestion, relieves tension and reduces muscle tension, all of which may be helpful in treating constipation.

You will need to have a back massage by a massage therapist or your partner.

Hand massage to treat constipation

Reflexology hand points

Point Stimulation Massage ( LI4 )

The valley point is called a connecting valley and it is located on the fleshy muscle between your index finger and thumb. Straighten your thumb and forefinger apart and stimulate this point by applying pressure on a fleshy belt with your fingertips for one minute while you take long, deep breaths.

Now, switch sides and tap the point on the other hand for 1 minute. It helps relieve constipation, chronic pain, eye problems, dental pain, sensitivity and strengthen the immune system. This point is forbidden for pregnant women because stimulating this point can lead to premature uterine contractions.

Point Stimulation Massage ( LI11 )

It is a functional pressure point that provides a quick relief to constipation, and is located at the outer end of the elbow crease.

Press on this point with your fingers firmly for one minute while you breathe in deeply, alternating hands and stimulating the point on the other arm as well.

This is an effective point for relieving indigestion and constipation, it is a vital pressure point for the colon as it helps to reduce high fevers, skin diseases, diarrhea and heatstroke, and it is also a local point for elbow pain.

Point Stimulation Massage ( PC6 )

PC6 point

The Pericardium 6 point (PC6) is an effective pressure point on the inner side of the hand, four fingers wide under the wrist, in the socket between the tendons. This point is also called the inner gate point and must be stimulated by pressing the point with your fingertips. Press the point for one minute, then switch side and squeeze the other arm. In addition, it is also used to treat stomach upset, motion sickness, headache, nausea, carpal tunnel syndrome, asthma, angina and chest tightness.

Massage for constipation in children

Massage for constipation in children

“You must consult your child’s doctor and obtain his approval before doing the massage.”

In children, abdominal massage may be used to:

  • constipation treatment
  • Promote relaxation
  • Reducing stress, and massage can also deepen the relationship between a person and their child.

To do this, you gently massage your baby’s tummy and lower abdomen clockwise, several times throughout the day.

Please wait at least 45 minutes after feeding before massaging the baby, and if your baby has any underlying conditions, please speak to his doctor before trying baby massages.

Visit a doctor if the child:

  • Suffering from stomach or rectal pain that lasts for more than one hour
  • Bleeding from the anus
  • Suffering from constipation for more than a week
  • Signs of illness, such as vomiting and weakness

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