All about uterine massage

Uterine massage is something we do not hear much about, but it is actually a very common treatment after childbirth, and it aims to stop any possible bleeding cases that may result from the weakness of the uterus or its inability to return to its normal state.

So, dear, we offer you everything related to the process of uterine massage in terms of benefits and how this process is performed.

What is uterine massage?

It is a therapeutic procedure used to narrow the uterus through manual abdominal massage, in order to stimulate it to contract to expel the remnants of the placenta and blood, to prevent blood clots.

And it is resorted to as soon as doctors diagnose a pregnant woman with bleeding after natural childbirth.

Some statistics and scientific research have come to confirm the importance of uterine massage, as according to WHO statistics, postpartum bleeding only occurs in 5% of pregnancies, and symptoms are usually present on the first day of birth.

Other statistics indicate that a fifth of maternal deaths worldwide are due to bleeding that occurs during the first 24 hours after childbirth.

Benefits of uterine massage

There are health benefits of massaging the womb after childbirth, know them:

  1. Restoring the uterus to its normal position after childbirth.
  2. Ejaculate the remaining blood in the abdomen.
  3. Reducing annoying flatulence .
  4. Stopping postpartum haemorrhage.
  5. Strengthen the abdominal muscles that have weakened after childbirth.

When to resort to uterine massage?

Massage is believed to narrow the uterus by naturally releasing prostaglandins to reduce postpartum haemorrhage.

As it is known, some women usually experience postpartum hemorrhage, which is known as postpartum blood, and it usually extends to 12 weeks, but this treatment procedure is used in the event that the mother loses 500 ml or more of blood after 24 hours after childbirth.

What is postpartum haemorrhage?

It is heavy vaginal bleeding that does not stop or slow down, and may be accompanied by blurry vision, chills, weakness, dizziness, swelling and pain in or around the vagina.

Reasons for the occurrence of bleeding after childbirth

Bleeding occurs when the uterus fails to contract effectively after childbirth due to the following reasons:

  1. The size of the baby during birth.
  2. The injury of a pregnant woman with fibroids.
  3. Eclampsia.
  4. Infection.

How is uterine massage performed?

Uterine massage is done through the following steps:

  • The lady lies on her back.
  • Uterine massage involves placing the hand of a birth specialist on the lower part of a woman’s abdomen
  • Apply pressure on the uterus for a few minutes or make back and forth movements to massage the area.

Matters related to uterine massage

We offer you a set of medical information that you should know about this process:

  1. Uterine massage should only be performed by an obstetrician , in order to avoid any medical complications that may occur.
  2. Uterine massage is usually combined with drug therapy to speed up the healing process.
  3. Massage may occur in the first two or three hours after birth, and the process is repeated every 15 minutes or so.
  4. There is some evidence to suggest that ongoing uterine massage is harmful to those who take oxytocin medications.
  5. Before a uterine massage procedure, do not hesitate to obtain as much information as possible from your doctor, to help you feel comfortable during the process.
  6. You have to empty your bladder well before uterine massage, to make the procedure comfortable and effective.
  7. We recommend that you practice deep breathing that helps relax the muscles before and during the massage.
  8. It is very beneficial to have your husband with you during the procedure, to obtain moral and psychological support.
  9. Avoid massaging the uterus on your own as this can lead to the risk of damaging the womb.

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