All online resources to learn German

All online resources to learn German

A little help for German! Here is a complete list of useful resources that you will find on the Internet to learn German and improve in goethe’s language. Find the best movies to watch in German, handy grammar sheets, fun online games, the best German-French dictionaries, playlists of German music to listen to… you will have absolutely EVERYTHING to perfect your German!

Useful resources for learning German on the Internet


Youtube channels

Youtube is full of resources when it comes to learning a language. The following channels offer you very well organized content to learn German easily and with humor.

List of German films

Full list of most popular German movies by IMDb

German TV series to watch in V.O on the Internet

  • Türkisch für Anfänger: family and comedy series playing on the relationships between two families: a German family and a Turkish one.
  • Tatort: Sunday night detective series set each week in a different German city.
  • Stromberg: satire of corporate life by a boss like no other. It could be the equivalent of our French “Camera café”.
  • Lindenstraße: Follow the life and adventures of the inhabitants of Lindenstraße.

Series to be used in German lessons

  • Extra Deutsch: episodes followed by exercises to work on German grammar.

German TV channels online

German channelsDescription of the channel
ARD Media LibraryNational channel, live or replay
The First Media LibraryEquivalent of TF1, live or in replay
ZDF Media LibraryZDF programs, live or replay
ORF TVThekGreat Austrian channel, live or replay
DW (Deutsche Welle)German international channel – Online programmes in several languages
EuronewsGerman version of the European News channel live
3satCultural programmes from ZDF, ORF, SRD and ARD channels
HRChannel dedicated to the Land Hessen
MDRChannel dedicated to Central Germany
rbbARD Programs for Berlin / Brandenburg
WDRARD programmes for western Germany
BRARD programmes for Bavaria
NDRARD programmes for northern Germany
SWRRegional range from southwestern Germany to the Franco-German border
Tagesschau2424/7 news channel

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Franco-German TV channels

FettersDescription of the channel
ARTFranco-German channel with a cultural and European vocation
CollisionARTE specials offering one video per week – French and German
Alsace20Alsatian channel offering a cross-border magazine: Franco-German reports with subtitles

Other videos

Reports in V.O. by the magazine VOCABLE Allemand


German music

German radio stations

Podcasts in German

German audiobooks to download for free

  • LibriVox – Public Domain Audiobooks to Download for Free


Because grammar may seem like the black cloud of any German learner, here is a list of resources presenting German grammar in a simple and fun way.

Pronunciation of German Practical
guide to the basic rules of German pronunciation by Lexilogos.

German grammar German
grammar simply explained by Lingolia (tenses, verbs, pronouns, adjectives…).

vocabulary Useful vocabulary list in German by Language Guide: go over each image to hear and read the corresponding word.

TrainingVocabulix offers you a training portal to learn German vocabulary in pictures!

Alphabet, first digits and genres
8 pages “to revise our beginnings in German”, by Stéphane Raymond.

Tests de grammaire allemand
VOCABLE offers online tests to train you in grammar, conjugation, vocabulary… A fun way to review your basics!


Nowadays there are many software programs to facilitate the learning of a new language. Most of this software uses what is called “spaced repetition”.

What is spaced repetition?

Spaced repetition allows you to “forget to forget”. Through a system of memory cards(Flashcards in English), you give yourself the means to revise a word on a regular basis, until you can no longer forget it at all. You will not have time to forget it, it will be put back in your head at the right time.

To learn more, read theintroduction on spaced repetition on the Anki software website. You can also watch Cédric’s Youtube video on how memory cards work.

Applications to download for Spaced Repetition System(SRS)

Mobile apps to learn German

Go to our article specially dedicated to

mobile applications to learn a language: 5 applications to learn a language on your phone!


Here is a series of blogs that have in common the learning of the German language. Help, advice, sheets, stories of experience… you will find something to inspire you to learn Goethe’s language!

  • The Franco-German Language Portal: portal of the French Institute to read in both languages, as in a bilingual novel!
  • Help in German: site created by S. Renoncé which includes multiple help sheets in German, especially for the BAC exams. The cultural and historical aspect is also present on this site.
  • Become bilingual in German: here is the website of Cyrille and his daughter who learns German and tells us about her various experiences with the language!
  • Blog der Deutschlehrerin: this blog is that of a German teacher who shares any information about German that can best help her students… and all those who pass by!
  • German – this site brings together series of articles written by different teachers of German bloggers. “The best of German blogs”!
  • Blog der Lehrerin Sandrine Meldener : “ein Blog für den Deutschunterricht”. Cultural resources and links with current events for high school students and Germanist students as a priority.
  • Brezè Jeremy, an expatriate in Germany, offers you this personal guide of resources to learn German! Stammtisch, applications, sites, courses… he gives you all his advice!
  • nearly 2000 college exercises for learning German.
  • A French woman learns German: stories of a French woman who learns German in Germany and discovers German culture at the same time.
  • AllemagnOmaX – Forum: AllemagnOmaX is a platform on which you can exchange with French speakers on everything related to German and Germany. Ask for advice or help with German, share your impressions, etc.
  • Teddylingua – Spielerisch Sprache Lernen: site dedicated to learning German for children through various games, activities and songs.


And if you are still looking for your motivation to learn German, watch this video made with the help of ADEAF (Association for the Development of German Education in France) and the Goethe Institut.

German is the future

If you would like to complete this list of German resources, do not hesitate to write to us at [email protected] We will review your resource proposal and gladly add it to the category it corresponds to. Danke schön und viele Grüße !

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