All that matters to know about pregnant massage

It is very enjoyable to get a massage from a professional every now and then. Or we can give someone we love a time at a massage resort. 

A good massage can free the body and soul from tension and pressures and help in gaining strength and make you feel like a new person. There are different types of massage such as: relaxation, oriental massage, Zenchen massage, hot stone massage, Shiatsu massage and others. But there is one massage that is dedicated to a very sensitive period in life and only to one gender of both sexes, which is pregnancy massage. 

Pregnancy massage is very popular in recent years and it is not considered a pampering massage, but rather very beneficial for pregnant women. Pregnancy is a very difficult period for women who have undergone major changes in their bodies, suffer from stretching, pain, and a feeling of discomfort in their bodies that have expanded and so pregnancy massage benefits them a lot . 

How can a pregnancy massage help? 

Pregnancy massage can help:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety during pregnancy and childbirth
  • Helps solve sleep problems
  • Improving posture during pregnancy stimulates a feeling of calm and peace
  • Relieving arthritis and various points in the body such as back and knees
  • Massage stimulates blood circulation, relieves bloating, headache and migraine
  • Relaxes stretched and contracted muscles and fills the body with energy
  • Relieves tension and improves mood.

In recent years, several studies were conducted that examined the effect of massage on the health of pregnant women, and some studies have found that massage greatly improves the health of the mother and the fetus, and studies have shown that massage helps release hormones that help calm such as dopamine and serotonin, and reduce the proportion of hormones. In the body that can cause stress and anxiety, such as cortisol, thanks to the decrease in hormones that cause stress and the rise in sedative hormones, the mood of the pregnant women who participated in the study improved and had fewer complications at birth. 

Pregnant women who do not move enough can develop edema and pregnancy massage can relieve this. It is better not to massage the abdomen, but rather to move upwards with a gentle and calm movement.

Benefits of massages for the body: indulgence and treatment 

Is pregnancy massage can harm the fetus? 

Despite the benefits of massage, many women are afraid to do pregnancy massages because they are not sure if the massage could harm her or the fetus. Therefore, it is important to clarify some important points: It is forbidden to conduct a massage in the first trimester of pregnancy because it is a sensitive period. Pregnancy massage can be performed from week 16. 

There are several points in the body such as the ankles and wrists that can provoke a slight reaction in the area of ​​the pelvic muscles and the thigh muscles and therefore it is advised not to massage these points during pregnancy massage, massage experts are aware of this and therefore should choose a professional masseur who has experience in pregnancy massage and related medical information .

Women who have a personal or family history may develop blood clots in the feet during pregnancy and massage may release them into the body or even cause blood clots. So the masseur must be aware if you have a tendency to excessive blood clotting and to apply the correct pressure on the feet.

Regardless of the sensitive points on the ankles and hands, it is not recommended to massage the abdomen itself, masseurs refrain from touching the abdomen and if they do so gently and with gentle movements.

Traditional medicine has a conservative opinion of pregnancy massage and does not fully support it, although it does not prevent it, but finds that it is difficult to believe and believe that pregnancy massage can replace medications, relieve pain, enhance hormone secretion, improve sleep and relaxation. Also, the studies that were conducted on the subject are not clinical.

Doctors do not prohibit massages, but they do not recommend it as part of the treatment that women receive throughout pregnancy, and this is because of the different and varying methods that masseurs perform and because of the large number of masseurs who massage pregnancy. Doctors cannot be sure that the masseuses are doing their job well.

These things should be thought about and considered before heading to pregnancy massage. It is important to find a good professional and professional masseur who has proven experience in pregnancy massage and if he has recommendations from other women this is better. It is preferable to consult with other women who did the massage and accept comments, and it is also best to consult a doctor before doing the massage, especially if you suffer from health problems during pregnancy. 

So far, no cases have been found in the world linking massage to miscarriage or harm to the fetus.

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