Baby massage … an effective way to soothe children

Baby massaging and touching enhances the process of communication between you, making him feel confident and reassured, as well as relaxing the child and making him relax and also relaxes the mother, as well as contributes to the mental and physical development of the child. Whether it is to calm the baby to sleep or to relieve colic and pass gas from his stomach, a gentle massage is the best solution..

Massage is not only for adults, but your child also needs massage in order to relieve tension and work to make the child feel comfortable, as it is a treatment for the child. Some studies have indicated that light massage of a baby’s body has tremendous benefits and noticeably works on the child’s development.

Benefits of massage for the child

  • Relieves tension and relaxes muscles.
  • Stimulates the baby’s blood circulation.
  • It helps in the digestive process.
  • Ensures safety of eye movement.
  • It helps the child to relax and ensures a comfortable sleep for the child.
  • It helps your child to explore his body parts.

Also, massage is the basis of treating abdominal pain in children, and it is an ancient and well-known method. It also has an effective effect in relieving teething pain, muscle growth, calming the nervous child, and helping to sleep. Not Not only that, but also touching the mother to the child builds strong bonds between the mother and her baby.

Make baby massages part of a child’s daily routine

The baby’s habit of getting massaged at the same time every day makes him expect and wait for it. So you have to choose the most appropriate time for the child and for you. For the mother to be comfortable and not pressured or in a hurry, and also it is not possible to massage the child before or after breastfeeding so that the child can enjoy the massage.

Create a suitable environment for massage

Massage needs a calm atmosphere, a warm temperature of 24-25, soft lighting, and quiet music in order to relax. The mother should also be calm.

Also choosing the right oil for the baby is an essential factor in the massage process. You should choose a comfortable oil for the skin of the child, which facilitates the sliding of the hand on the skin, and there are many good options such as: coconut oil, canola oil, olive oil, grape seed, apricot and avocado. These oils are easily absorbed into the baby’s skin. Be careful not to use mineral oils, as they can clog pores. Also, avoid almond oil if the child has a family history of allergies.

Some tips for doing a massage for your child 

  • Wash your hands before starting.
  • Remove jewelry and jewelry from the hands so as not to harm the child’s skin.
  • Cut your nails so as not to injure the child’s skin .
  • Use a baby oil or cream.
  • Do not use essential oils or perfumes.
  • Be careful when touching the baby’s head as it is soft and weak.

Steps to do massage for the child 

  1. Put the child on the massage bedding and avoid woolen fabrics so as not to cause an allergic reaction to the child.
  2.  Put a little oil on your hands before starting.
  3. Start with the child’s foot: Hold the child’s right foot with one hand and the other, hold the child’s heel and massage the child’s heel and toes in circular motions and pull them gently and move the child’s foot in a clockwise direction several times.
  4.  Massage the side of the child’s leg with the palm of your hands, from the heel to the bottom
  5.  Now move to the child’s thigh. Hold it in your hand and press it to stimulate blood circulation then  Bend and straighten the man several times.
  6.  Repeat the previous steps with the child’s left leg.
  7.  Place your hands horizontally on the child’s chest and massage gently.
  8.  Massage the baby’s shoulders and down the chest and repeat this step several times.
  9.  Massage the body in a longitudinal motion from the left shoulder of the opposite thigh and also from the right shoulder of the left thigh.
  10. In circular motions, massage the child’s belly in a clockwise direction, then press the side of the hand from the top of the abdomen to the top of the child’s genitals.
  11. Repeat this step for several times.
  12. Hold the child by his heels and raise his legs up to make the massage deeper.
  13.  Hold the child’s right hand in your hand and with the other hand, hold the child’s wrist.
  14.  Move the child’s palm in circular motions in a clockwise direction several times.
  15.  Nationalist  pull the fingers of the baby gently and gently licked on the palm of the palm of the child.
  16.  Wipe the baby’s face with your thumbs and also wipe the baby’s eyebrows with your fingers.
  17.  Gently massage the neck.
  18.  Turn the child on his stomach and massage the lower neck and shoulder area.
  19.  Next to your hands, massage the baby’s back.
  20.  Then, massage the baby’s shoulders and back in circular motions By your thumb fingers.
  21.  Finally , massage the child’s body in longitudinal movements from the top of the body down to the toes.
  22.  Often the child will fall asleep after the massage process, which helps him to feel deeply comfortable.

 I hope that this information will help you and take care of your baby and take a massage to calm him down