Baby sleep massage

Today we talk about Baby sleep massage ,If you feel tired and headache because of your child’s continuous crying and your inability to sleep because of his frequent sleep during the night and are looking for ways to help the baby sleep massage, then you are in the right place, we will explain to you how to do a massage for a baby to sleep easily, and it is known that massage is one of the methods that have proven effective for the child So, be sure to read the entire article to familiarize yourself with the method.

We also feel relaxed and enjoy a good sleep after having a professional massage that relieves us from the stress of work. The child can also feel the same comfort with a baby sleep massage , especially when you want to give a massage for the baby to sleep.

It is usual for a person to get a massage at a certain age, so why do we not see its effect on the child as well, and do not deprive him of an effective way to feel happy and have a good mood, and this is one of the benefits of massage for children.

What do you need before you start massaging a baby?

Prepare everything you need and keep it within reach before you start massaging your baby: baby massage oil, a suitable towel and pillow, you can set up a baby massage table or prepare the floor, keep the place calm and a suitable temperature for the child, and talk to the child in a calm and comfortable voice.

Start with your child with a few minutes of massage until he gets used to him and you feel that he wants more, then increase the period in which you massage with each time, after several sessions it may reach half an hour and your child feels happy.

Baby massage steps

  • Play soothing music that relaxes the child, just as you feel calm when hearing your favorite relaxing music, so the child feels pleasure, and put the child on a soft towel on a comfortable surface.
  • Do not let your preoccupation with your daily routine make you forget the time of your child’s massage, make yourself comfortable, describe your mind before starting, put a few From the oil on your hands and rub them so that they feel warm to the baby’s skin, and before all that, make sure to turn off your phone so that it does not distract you from completing the massage and communicating with your child.
  • Start the massage from the foot up to the head, be sure to speak in a calm and comfortable voice with the child throughout the massage period and let him He knows what you are doing, your calm voice will make his body more relaxing.
  • Use the thumbs to massage the foot alternately in the same direction every time, so if you move your thumb upward after it, use the other thumb up in the same direction with all softness and calm when you touch the sole of the foot, and press it slowly.
  • Massage the top of the foot down to the ankle and move the thumbs in a circular motion around the ankle.
  • When massaging the legs, place your hands comfortably around the leg alternately as we did with the thumb and then massage gently and softly to increase blood flow in this part of the body and then start Start by massaging the abdomen using the thumb and massage from the navel towards the outside and move your fingers from the stomach to the chest.
  • Start the movement from the chest by drawing a circle using the index fingers to move with them from the top of the chest and finish at the bottom at the navel in the abdomen.
  • Then go up from the navel to the upper chest using the same fingers with all kindness and gently and repeat this movement several times and at the end make a heart-like movement using all the fingers of your hands on the chest from the center until you reach the navel at the bottom at the abdomen in a simple way without any pressure.
  • Begin massaging the arms in the same way that we massaged the legs, making small circles on each wrist in each hand so that the child feels comfortable and relaxed, and do not forget to continue to keep your voice calm as you talk to the child and involve him in what is happening.
  • With the face, as this area is the most sensitive area in the child’s body, you start with the front of the head and the eyebrows, then start massaging the area around the eyes using the thumb, then the top of the child’s nose, down to the cheeks while maintaining the soft touch of your hands so that the child does not feel any imbalance.
  • Ears up to the upper and lower lips and back to the ears again, massage in the form of small circles around the jaw and behind the ears, touch the earlobes and chin smoothly, and now we change the position of the child calmly.
  • Now the child’s back is facing you, to start massaging the back of the Atoms Eye and legs, massage in small circles on the muscles of the back and touch all the back of the body from top to bottom until you reach the ankles, while maintaining a calm atmosphere that relaxes the child and makes him feel safe without any discomfort.
  • End the massage by telling your child how much you are Happy to massage him and how much you love him and want him to feel safe and that you enjoyed the time you spent with him.

Notes when doing a massage for a baby to sleep

Remember every time you massage your child to use your quiet, faint voice and increase the number of minutes of massage if you feel that your child wants more and do not complete the massage in the event that your child feels discomfort or pain and expresses this by crying, then you need to feel comfortable in other ways in these The moment, wait for a few days, and then repeat the experiment for a short time, for example two minutes.

Make your child feel how much you love him when your hands touch his body. When your hands touch your child, the body produces hormones that make him feel happy, and this increases the strength of the relationship between you and makes you joyfully connected.

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