Benefits of an ice facial massage

Benefits of an ice facial massage

Provides freshness to the skin Facial massage

using ice helps to give it freshness, radiance, vitality, and beauty, by closing the open pores of the skin, and also contributes to inhibiting the production of harmful oils, and it also prevents the appearance of wrinkles for the longest possible period, and this can be done by massaging the face, especially the areas that It contains large pores such as the face and nose with ice for a period of 3-5 minutes, and it is recommended to repeat this process in a regular way to obtain the desired result, especially after washing the face , or before applying makeup on the skin, or before moisturizing the skin with a moisturizing cream.

Getting rid of acne

Ice has a great benefit to get rid of acne, reduce it and its effects, as ice contributes to constricting the pores and blood vessels of the skin, and this is done by massaging the skin with ice cubes covered with a clean cloth or paper towel, and leaving it on the skin until the degree of anesthesia is reached, then Leave the face to regain its natural temperature, and this process is repeated on all areas affected by acne to get the best results, or ice cubes can be placed in a transparent, non-perforated plastic bag and air is removed from it, and then placed on acne, to get an immediate result in Get rid of pain.

Face swelling treatment

The face may appear swollen and tired due to the swollen eyelids, and the owner may appear ill or suffer from a cold and ice is useful in treating facial swelling, and this is by filling a large bowl with water with ice cubes, then placing the face in the bowl after inhaling a deep breath From the air for a period ranging between 10-15 seconds, with repeating this process several times, and for the longest period possible, to get the best results.