Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage or Deep Teshu Massage | Therapeutic benefits

What is Deep Tissue Massage or what is called Deep Teshu Massage?

Deep tissue massage is a process of massage that focuses on deep tissues far from the surface of the skin, and these tissues are often the separators between the bone mass and the muscle mass, as well as the tissue that connects the different muscle tissues.

Deep tissue massage uses slow and regular rubbing and massages in order to reach the tissues away from the surface of the skin.

The principle that Deep Tesho massage depends upon

In this type of massage, the masseur applies pressure with both hands moving them slowly, with continued pressure, and performs slow rides with his hands with even pressure.

Continuous pressure on nearby tissues causes them to put pressure on the tissues underneath, which in turn presses on the tissues beneath, and so on until the pressure reaches the tissues deep and far from the surface of the skin.

As for the continuous pressure during the massage, it helps to reach the massage to a larger and more comprehensive area of ​​the tissue or the deep muscle to be massaged.

Benefits of Deep Ticho Massage

The positive effects of deep tissue massage include treatment of both the physical and psychological aspects, unlike other types of massages, which focus only on bringing the body to a relaxed state, and reducing levels of tension, tension and stress that many people suffer from.

Therefore, this type of massage combines psychological treatment and physical therapy, in addition to obtaining rest and relaxation and reducing tension and nervous stress, this massage helps to treat pain and inflammation, especially chronic pain, such as pain in the lower back area common to many.

Not only that, this massage increases the chances of recovery from muscle injuries that affect football players and other sports practitioners, and in which there is a muscle strain.

The following is a review of the benefits of deep tissue massage:

Treat sports injuries in an effective way

The injuries that are caused by sports often affect the tissues distant from the surface of the skin, and are due to the great stress and effort exerted by the muscle, which causes contractions and tensions in the muscle fibers and tissues.

Deep tissue massage focuses on pressure continuously with slow movement of the hand in order to relax these contracted tissues and fibers, and with the continued pressure the muscle will have entered a relaxed and comfortable position, and the chances of recovery are greater.

Treatment of cases of high blood pressure and varicose veins

In some cases that require great effort on the feet, such as standing for long hours, the muscles, tissues and muscle fibers suffer contractions that end in a complete stress in the muscle, so the muscle swells to narrow the bloodstream in the blood vessels around it, which ultimately causes high blood pressure and varicose veins in the feet.

Through deep tissue massage, the contracted muscles are relaxed, and thus they do not compress the blood vessels adjacent to them, which reduces high blood pressure and returns to its normal position.

Sciatica treatment

Sciatica often results from contractions in the muscles of the thighs and legs, which in turn compress the so-called sciatic nerve, which is the longest nerve in the body, causing severe pain in the lower pelvis, thighs, legs, and even feet.

This disease results from an intense muscle strain on the muscles in the pelvis, buttocks and thighs area, and the muscles that contract and put pressure on the sciatic nerve are often deep and far from the surface of the skin, and therefore deep tissue massage is the best and most effective method among other massage methods for treating perspiration. Sciatica.

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