Indian massage

Benefits of Indian massage for skin and hair

Healthy and bright skin and a slim body are everyone’s dream, and despite the daily stress and pollution that we live in, there are still solutions to remove pressure, reduce pollution and remove it from the human body; This is done by massaging with oils and Indian herbs, which helps in relaxing the body and moving the blood circulation, and also helps to stimulate some glands inside the body, due to its magnetic effect on the mind and body.
There are several types of massage that Randa Hilal, an expert in Indian massage and massage , explains to you :
Head massage:
The head is the main center of the nerve system, so spasticity, pressure and tension are matters that affect the growth and quality of hair. This is why we massage the scalp to nourish it. If we do not massage it, we will have an itch and an unpleasant smell, due to the accumulation of layers of dead cells and bacteria on the scalp.
Facial massage:
In order for your face to remain bright and fresh, and to show your full beauty and confidence in yourself, you must cleanse your skin daily, and massage it with Indian oils and herbs. This massage activates the cells of the face and helps relax the nervous system.
Ear massage:
The ear is one of the delicate organs in the body. The auditory nerve is the path through which signals are transmitted to the brain.
Neck massage:
Sometimes, a person feels the elasticity of his neck, due to the tension and pressure from the shoulders and chest. Therefore, a neck massage can be helpful in relieving this tension and spasm.