enfant massage

Benefits of infant massage

Massaging infants and children is one of the best ways to calm the baby, and it is very effective in improving blood circulation, weight gain , and digestion, as it relieves the pain of teething for your child, massaging your little one’s body is an excellent way to express your love and care, and it also helps you communicate. With your child, to find out the best way to do this, follow along.

Forget that babies can also be prone to stress, sometimes a gentle massage can change everything

What is meant by infant massage

Baby massage involves massaging different areas of the child’s body with gentle and light movements and by using soothing natural oils, creams or moisturizers. The mother can massage the baby’s chest, abdomen, back, arms, legs and head. Singing or murmuring for your child during the massage helps the child to feel comfortable and calm. Baby is affected by the hormone of happiness and love, also known as oxytocin.

Benefits of infant massage

The massage you choose will help relax or stimulate the baby, it is a great way to get the baby ready for sleep and it will help him fall asleep, it is also a nice way to start the baby and it will help him wake up with happiness.

When you communicate with your baby in this unique way, he strengthens your baby’s bond with you and brings you closer.

Baby massage will give the child a more concrete understanding of his body.

Massage supports digestion and may help reduce colic, and as a result, your baby will be calmer and more relaxed, you may notice not only an improvement in sleep but also an improvement in your baby’s mood.

Increase his ability to focus and improve their sleep patterns.

The child feels less emotion and a lack of hyperactivity.

Reducing irritability and hyperactivity allows for better focus.

Some babies are milder and more sensitive, and they will not be comfortable getting massages either by you or a massage therapist.

Whether you go to the spa path or choose to do a massage yourself, one thing is for sure: a baby massage treatment has specific benefits for infants and children.

Quick Tips

Start massaging the baby after feeding or drinking.

Wait until the baby is at least 1 month old (some prefer 2 months) before trying baby massages.

Take a course with a massage therapist who specializes in infant and child massage to learn appropriate techniques.

You can also ask a professional to massage your baby for you. This is a good opportunity to schedule a massage for yourself at the same time.

Baby massage step by step

After preparing your baby for the massage, you can use the following newborn massage techniques for the head, face, back, chest, abdomen, legs and feet of your baby.


You may take some oil and put it on your baby’s head, you can apply gentle touches to spread the oil on your baby’s head, be careful of the fontanel (the soft spots on your child’s head) and do not press it.

the face

Apply some oil to your baby’s face and apply pressure with your fingers, pass your fingers from the forehead towards the chin, by applying gentle pressure on the eyebrows, apply gentle strokes on the cheeks, chin and nose of your baby.

Baby’s knees raised

After doing the abdominal massage session, raise your child’s knees until they reach the abdomen and apply gentle pressure, for about 30 seconds, and you can repeat this several times.

The baby sleeps on the stomach

Make your baby sleep on his stomach, massage with both hands, from the base of your baby’s neck to the buttocks, by moving your hand back and forth, apply gentle pressure in a circular motion with your fingers on your baby’s spine.

the chest

You can place both hands on the center of your baby’s chest and do external strokes towards the shoulders, you can repeat this movement for a few times, you can place your hand horizontally and make downward movements as well.

Legs and feet

Take your baby’s legs and apply a light blow from the thighs to the ankle, hold your child’s thigh and wipe it with both hands alternately in opposite directions.

Massage the baby’s legs and feet

Take your baby’s foot and use gentle pressure with your thumb in an upward motion. From heel to toe, use your hand to fully compress your baby’s foot. You can gently pull each toe during the massage and by using small, circular motions around your baby’s ankle.

The best time to offer a massage to your baby

The best time to give a massage to your baby will be when your baby is not hungry, sleepy or tired, you can choose any time of the day for the massage, in the morning or in the evening, the baby massage is an effective way to introduce your child into the routine of bathing, feeding and sleeping.

It is advisable to follow a massage routine by doing things in a similar order every day, this is because your child loves the ability to predict, and developing a routine helps your child know what will happen next. Predictability also provides your child with a sense of safety and happiness.

It is also a good idea to massage your baby, right before bedtime, massaging before bed helps your baby sleep better and longer during the night, although at first you may find it difficult to establish a pattern or routine for your newborn, but as your child grows, you will be able to Establish a set routine for your child.

Many new mothers often wonder when to start a baby massage? It is advised to wait 10 to 14 days before starting any massage for your newborn, although premature or premature babies require your doctor’s approval before starting any massage.