Benefits of massage for hair

The head and hair, like other parts of the body, need to do a massage in a specific way, as it is one of the good methods used a lot by beauty and hair care experts, as this process has many health benefits for hair and scalp. In this article, we will learn about those benefits, as well as how it works, and how to do a head massage as a whole.

Benefits of massage for hair

Massage is considered one of the methods and methods used to care for hair, as it maintains its health and beauty, as always making sure to do a massage for the scalp stimulates the blood circulation in it, increases blood flow to it, and helps increase the density and length of hair, as well as improves and promotes hair growth by nourishing it in a way It is suitable because of the oils used in it, and thus some of the problems that the hair suffers from, such as loss and dandruff, will be solved by providing the hair follicles with an adequate amount of oxygen and nutrients.

Scalp massage method

There is no specific way to massage the scalp, the important and necessary actions are made with the fingers based on moving the scalp and the nerve ends of the hair. Correct and proper massage is the one that is done vigorously, so that the blood circulation is activated and the scalp moves. The well-known and well-known method of massaging the scalp is that which is done by intertwining the hands, forming a similar shape to a helmet, then applying forcefully to the scalp so that the skin is subjected to the pressure of the palms of the hands, and the massage continues for about ten minutes twice a day, and the skin of the head must be moved over the skull. And not only moving the fingers.

Oil massage method for the head

It is preferable to use various oils when doing a hair massage such as olive oil, coconut oil, and castor oil, and it is also recommended to warm them before use to facilitate the movement of hands, soften the hair, and in order for the oil to penetrate into the outer layer of the scalp and hair, and before doing the massage, you must comb and wipe the hair with a brush Wooden with rounded and wide teeth, and it is preferable to comb with the head bent down and the hair upside down, and with the tips of the fingers the hair is pulled forcefully from the roots to the ends, then the head is raised up.

The tips of the fingers are placed on both sides of the head from above the forehead and move gently and in circular motions, and the process is repeated with more than one place in the head up to the shoulders to help the muscles relax, and then the hair is joined, and raised to the top towards one side while holding it with both hands, then blunted with tension to Up, until the scalp tightens