Benefits of massage for the skin

The skin needs massage that works to restore its freshness and it is recommended to do a light massage for the skin of the face once or twice a week as it has been shown to be very beneficial for the skin of the face: 

1- Helps stimulate blood vessels, which increases blood flow to the skin, giving the skin the food and oxygen it needs. 

2- It helps to strengthen the facial muscles and reduce their relaxation.

 3- It helps to remove stress and also remove spasms from the face.

 4- It helps to purify the skin and give it clarity, because massaging the face is a way to cleanse the skin. 

5- Helps to feel relaxed and comfortable. 

6- Choosing some skin nourishing creams increases the benefits of massage

7- It is recommended to start the massage from the bottom up (from the neck to the face), bearing in mind that the massage is done using the fingertips and usually in a circular motion with light pressure and pushing the skin up.