Benefits of Massage Neck | With some advice

If you suffer from stress and pain in the neck and wonder about the benefits of neck massage, does it play a role in getting rid of this stress and pain?

Answer: Yes, complete the article to learn more.

Neck massages are useful for moderate to light strains, as they help reduce muscle spasms and stimulate relaxation.

Neck massage sessions should focus on the neck and the area of ​​the upper part of the shoulders, and the base of the skull, and the duration of the session is usually half an hour.

It is preferable to drink large quantities of water after that massage session, because this helps rid the body of infections and toxins in it, and drinking quantities of water after a neck massage session prevents headache or nausea.

One session may be sufficient to get rid of neck pain, or the person may need several sessions.

Moreover, doing a neck massage helps relieve neck pain, it helps improve body flexibility, reduces blood pressure and heart rate, promotes relaxation and reduces stress.

What is recommended when doing a neck massage?

When doing a neck massage, it is recommended to adjust the height of the massage table or chair at an appropriate and good height, for easy access to the neck by the masseur, and in the event of using the massage table, the person whose neck will be massaged should sit at the head of the table with the forearms remaining on the sides of his head.

Neck massage benefits

Increase neck flexibility

Muscle fatigue and insufficient sleep are among the reasons that cause many pain in the neck area, which reduces the flexibility of the neck, as the pain that affects the neck area mostly results from muscle cramps that affect this area, due to sitting for long hours in work desks in front of computer screens These contractions reduce the flexibility and mobility of the neck, due to the inflammation and pain that they cause to the person.

Stimulate the immune system

It is considered from the neck area and the blood vessels in it are one of the areas closest to the heart area and the connecting ring between the heart area and the brain region, so massaging this area stimulates the blood that travels through it, and thus the blood reaches the brain naturally, which in turn stimulates the work of the device. Immunotherapy with other body systems.

Relieve headache pain

Which affects the brain, and results from the lack of blood flow to the brain cells, and by massaging the neck area, blood activates in the blood vessels, and it naturally reaches the brain to nourish its cells, which reduces headaches.

Reaching a state of calm and relaxation

The process of massaging the neck and loosening the muscle spasms that affect this area, gives the person a feeling of comfort and relaxation, because this massage relieves and eliminates the pain in that area.

Neck massage method

The neck massage while sitting can be done by following the following steps:

  • Sitting should be comfortably.
  • Neck massage with longitudinal movements, keeping the pressure in all parts in a constant manner.
  • Warming up the muscles, by massaging softly using the tips of the middle hand, ring and index fingers in the place where the head meets the neck and applying pressure in a steady manner, then moving the fingers down on either side of the neck.
  • Massaging the muscle nodes in the neck using the thumbs, after placing the four fingers on the shoulders, then the neck is massaged in circular motions with pressure inward using the thumbs.
  • Then move the fingers up and down the neck with light, steady movements, and sideways, longitudinally and crosswise.
  • After that, massage the back line of the neck, by fixing the four fingers on the shoulders, then massage in a circular motion, up and down using the thumbs.
  • Finally, massage the sides of the neck up and down

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