Benefits of massages for the face

Facial massages improves the appearance of the complexion and also reduces anxiety and improves negative moods

Skin massage relieves many wrinkles that appear on the face, such as wrinkles between the eyebrows and on the sides of the lips, a routine facial massage improves that helps relax tight muscles, which reduces lines and wrinkles.

In this article, I will tell you how to massage the face and the benefits of facial massage

Benefits of massages for face / 

Facial massage for wrinkles greatly helps to strengthen the facial muscles, tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin massages help in stimulating blood circulation and increasing blood flow to all parts of the skin

Facial massages help remove dead skin from the surface of the skin

Massage therapy reduces skin puffiness, especially under the eyes

Do a daily facial massage that gives the skin freshness and high vitality and also improves skin tone

– Massaging the skin helps to get rid of anxiety, tension and fatigue

Facial massages can help relieve allergy symptoms such as sinus congestion.Massaging the skin can help improve congestion.

Facial massage method / 

  • Put a small towel in hot water and place it on the face until it cools to further relax the skin
  • Use a natural oil to massage the skin, such as rosemary  or lavender oil, to help relax the skin

How to use oil for a facial massage /

  • Put a little oil on all of the face and neck until the oil is distributed and press the skin with fingers, starting from the forehead to the bottom of the face
  • Massage the forehead from the middle to the sides and repeat the steps several times

Facial massage for wrinkles /

  • I advise you to do a facial massage three times a week to reduce wrinkles on the skin and restore its freshness and vitality
  • Make sure to do a facial massage with your fingertips, making sure to apply gentle pressure
  • Avoid massaging the face without using face oil or cream to avoid dry skin

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