Benefits of massaging your baby’s earlobes

The child’s earlobes are not related to attracting them in order to reproach him, nor is it intended for you to pierce it and put an earring in it, rather it can be your gate of passage to decipher your child’s body and rid him of some feelings, and this is why Professor of Physiology, Suhad Abdel-Mawla, offers you these tips and benefits for massaging an ear lobe The child is as follows.

Earlobes massage to bring happiness

Click massage
  • When your baby cries you can massage his earlobes, he will stop crying after 2 minutes.
  • In the event that the child “weighs” for a vague reason, and feels anxious and tense transmitted to you, you can massage his earlobes as well, and you will notice that he is smiling.
  • If your child refuses to eat new food, you can massage his earlobes, as this is a way for the baby to start feeling satisfied.

Earlobes massage to relieve aches and pains

Infant relief
  • According to Chinese experiences in place energy science, “Feng Shui” is related to massaging the human earlobe to relieve pain.
  • The proportion of pain relief depends on following the correct method of massage, and therefore the mother must learn it.
  • A mother can rub the earlobes of her newborn child because the shape of the ear reminds him of her womb, as in 1951 AD, the French doctor, Nouge Ram, announced that the ear includes auxiliary acupoints that affect all members of the body, so the Chinese took advantage of this in their inherited treatments.

Relaxing earlobes massage

Baby sleep massage
  • The specialist pediatric massage therapist at the Natural Childbirth Center in Munich, the German expert, Maria Boeger Wolf, has concluded that massaging the earlobes of the newborn helps him relax, sleep and calm down.
  • Accordingly, Maria Puiger Wolf recommended that the baby’s ear be massaged with a healthy vegetable oil such as olive oil.
  • She also recommended a specific massage method that relies on massaging in a circular motion with one finger.
  • Then tap the ear on the downward-clicking method.
  •  Finally, the earlobe is gently pulled down, and you will notice the baby sleep after this method.