7 Benefits of treatment with mud and sand baths in the treatment of fractures, bruises and skin diseases

One of the oldest healing methods known to man is treatment with mud and sand. Human societies have dealt with these methods since the earliest times in ancient Egypt, Babylon, India and other countries of the first civilizations.

And this type of treatment is still used in folk medicine in some rural areas as well in the beginning, for example: the oases, the Sinai Peninsula, the Western Desert, and some villages in Egypt.

One of the doctors mentioned that on one of his visits to the countryside, he was stung by a painful stinging bee, so one of the residents in the village put a small piece of mud lining the nearby canal on the site of the injury, and immediate and complete recovery was achieved, and the pain ended immediately.

Clay has been used for thousands of years in the treatment of many diseases and illnesses, either in its natural form or after heating it, as the affected place is painted.

Interest has increased recently in studying mud treatment, especially in health institutes in Europe, and scientists were able to come to the conclusion of the active substance present in the mud.

Clay material

It is a viscous, greenish substance with a natural, chemical, thermal, mechanical and hydraulic effect on the human body. One of its most important properties is the thermal effect represented in the superior ability to conduct heat to the internal organs.

Which leads to raising its temperature and increasing the amount of antibodies that help get rid of infections and remove muscle pain.

The clay extract is used in the form of a liquid or a paste made of fine granules mixed with water after being sterilized using ultrasound or ultraviolet rays.

The use of clay in cosmetics

Clay extract is also used in the preparation of some cosmetics in the form of skin cream and shampoo to strengthen hair and in some types of external paints (Poiltice spray) in cases of skin infections.

It is described with some medicinal herbs or pharmaceutical chemicals in some critical and intractable cases. A group of scientists has also been able to prepare injections and loads (Rectal suppositories) that have an effective medical effect in treating various rheumatic diseases.

Sports medicine

Sports medicine has recognized the value of mud, which has become one of the most important treatments offered to everyone who suffers from muscle or joint pain while practicing sports. And spread in some European countries, especially in Fernas and Czechoslovakia, mud treatment clinics.

Benefits and Notes:

Clay has become a necessity for complementary medical treatment that helps restore psychological calm, relieve pain, reduce tension and anxiety, and reduce complications from bruises and fractures.

In Farnas, more than one hundred thousand people go to the DAX Clinic, which specializes in mud therapy, where the patient is placed and extended in the mud.

The hesitants say: We are leaving this clinic and we have felt that our youth has been completely renewed. And we find ourselves that our youth has been completely renewed. We find ourselves running and jogging, revitalized and rejuvenated.

Mud baths

Hot mud baths give impressive results when the morale deteriorates, returning the person to full health, after exhaustion and nervous tension, and is useful in the case of cutting the external nerves in the four limbs, especially in the case of loss of feeling in these limbs.

These successful medical effects are due to the fact that the clay is rich in living materials of vitamins and minerals that damage the entire body with an elastic layer, allowing full use of it and affecting the entire body.

Clay is a treatment for rheumatism

Mud therapy succeeds in treating rheumatic cases by 100% in all matters related to the spine, lymphadenitis, rheumatoid patients, and chronic joint rheumatism types.

Doctors recommend conducting mud baths for those affected by accidents accompanied by fractures, as mud helps heal fractures and restore blood circulation to normal, as well as in cases of trunk, bruises, tendon tightening and joint stiffness resulting from a fracture or a stump.

Mud baths are used in the case of diseases of the veins and arteries, right lower extremity clot and vascular infections, knowing that in the case of thrombosis it is preferable to mix silt with seaweed because this mixture has therapeutic benefits and medical effects that are more secure and faster, as it is used locally in the treatment of high blood pressure.

Mud treatment is useful in treating many skin diseases: eczema, dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, and some herbs or medicinal materials can be added according to the case and according to medical instructions.

Mud baths have many other uses, especially in some types of hepatitis, colitis, and in some special cases of gynecology mixed with female hormones, such as chronic inflammation of the pelvis and parasitic uterus that results in infertility, lack of secretion of the ovaries, chronic tubular inflammation, menstrual pain, and frequent vaginal secretions.

Warnings and Contraindications:

Mud treatment must be carried out under constant and careful medical supervision, as in some cases, caution is necessary for the seriousness of the results. Cases of contraindications are: festering skin infections, internal bleeding, epilepsy, hardening of the arteries of the brain, cancerous tumors, acute and chronic heart failure, tuberculosis, kidney failure, acute anemia, and pregnancies.

Sand baths:

The warm sand bath is characterized by magnetic waves, a degree of mechanical pressure, and a rapid absorption of the sun’s heat, with the ability to retain it. These elements have a physical method with a medical effect that is effective in treating many diseases.

Foremost among them are rheumatism, arthritis, chronic lower back pain (lumbago) and vasculitis, the results of blood clotting.

Medical reports issued by complementary medicine experts confirm the high rates of success in sand baths.

Where it reaches about 97% in cases of rheumatism, 95% in arthritis, and it is noted that most of the patients

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