Benefits of olive oil facial massage

Trees olives from old trees, and was known in Athens as the liquid gold, can be used olive oil on a large scale in cooking, and other things being very beneficial to health, which reduces the risk of cancer, it also helps to control diabetes, as well as There are many other practical uses, and in this article we will talk about the benefits of olive oil for the body, and for the face, and how to use it for the face, and its types.

Benefits of olive oil facial massage

There are many benefits of olive oil for the face, including:

  • Moisturizer for the skin: as olive oil contains large amounts of vitamin E , which is an antioxidant that protects the skin from various external factors such as sunlight or wind, thus olive oil is an ideal moisturizer suitable for all skin types.
  • Improving skin health: Olive oil helps improve skin health by treating infections, acne , and protecting the skin from dangerous diseases such as psoriasis and skin cancer, thus obtaining glowing skin.
  • Makeup removal: Some makeup removers cause pimples or rashes. Anti-aging properties: as it protects the skin from sagging and wrinkles, as olive oil delays the signs of aging.
  • Lip peeling: where olive oil helps to soften chapped lips by rubbing them.

Olive oil recipes for face

Here are some olive oil recipes for the face:

  • Olive oil: This method is used to moisturize the skin, especially dry skin. The method is: Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. How to prepare: -Take a shower, or moisten the skin a little with water, then massage the face with olive oil. -Leave the olive oil for 15 minutes, then wash it with warm water. Note: Use this recipe for dry- skin on the face before going to bed, leave it on overnight, and then remove it early in the morning, with the help of a gentle face wash.
  • Olive oil, yogurt and honey: Honey is used as a natural moisturizer, while yogurt has the task of exfoliating, thus strengthening the skin and improving its health. The method is: Ingredients: A third of a cup of yogurt . A quarter cup of honey . Two small spoons of olive oil. How to prepare: – Mix the ingredients well with each other; To obtain a thick solution. -This solution is placed on the face, and left for 20 minutes. -Wash the face with warm water. This method is repeated once a week.
  • Olive oil and lemon juice: This recipe is used to fight aging, remove wrinkles, and fine lines. The method is: Ingredients: Two tablespoons of olive oil. A tablespoon of lemon juice. A small amount of sea salt. How to prepare: -Massage the face with a few drops of olive oil. -Combine the remaining oil with sea salt to make a scrub. -Add lemon juice; To feel refreshed. -Rub this mixture on the dry, hard and flaky areas of the face.
  • Olive oil and brown sugar: Sugar and lemon scrub chapped lips, and olive oil soften and soften them. The method is: Ingredients: An amount of crushed brown sugar . A few drops of olive oil. A little lemon juice . How to prepare: -Mix the ingredients together. -Wipe the lips with it for 5 minutes before going to sleep.
  • Olive oil and eggs: This recipe helps to nourish the skin, protect it from wrinkles and signs of aging, as it includes the use of eggs that contain albumin, which contributes to clearing pores, drying the skin, and achieving balance for the skin, and sea salt also promotes Face blood circulation, and helps get rid of dead skin cells . The method is: Ingredients: One egg. Half a teaspoon of olive oil. A tablespoon of natural flour. A quarter of a teaspoon of sea salt. A tablespoon of whole milk. How to prepare: -Break the egg in a small bowl, add the flour and olive oil to it, and mix the ingredients well. – Add sea ​​salt and milk to the mixture, and mix well. -Wash the face with warm water, then dry it. -The mask is placed on the face, then gently massaged to exfoliate the skin. -Leave the mask on for 20 minutes, then rinse off.

Other benefits of olive oil

There are many benefits of olive oil, including:

  • It reduces the risk of diabetes: as there are many studies that have found that olive oil has beneficial effects on blood sugar and insulin sensitivity.
  • Fighting cancer cells: Antioxidants reduce oxidative damage caused by free radicals, which are one of the causes of cancer.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties: where olive oil protects from chronic infections that cause many diseases such as cancers, heart disease, blood vessels, diabetes, and Alzheimer ‘s ( in English: Alzheimer’s), arthritis, and obesity .
  • Preventing strokes: that occur as a result of some disorders that lead to a lack of blood flow to the brain, either because of a blood clot or because of bleeding.
  • Treating blood pressure and reducing its complications: it improves the endothelial function of blood vessels, as it helps prevent unwanted blood clotting , and lowers blood pressure .

Types of olive oil

There are many types of olive oil, including:

  • Virgin olive oil: which is the most popular type of oil, and it is a cooking oil with a surprisingly low acid content.
  • Extra virgin olive oil and refined: Made from cold olives, it is the best oil for the body, but its cost is somewhat high.
  • Pure olive oil: This oil is actually a mixture of virgin and refined olive oil, and it contains a high content of acids, so it is considered unsuitable for use.