Benefits of olive oil for a foot massage and its method

Feet massage is often done using oil from natural oils, including olive oil, which is the subject of this article, where we will review the benefits of olive oil for foot massage.

You can download this file that contains 6 steps to make a healthy foot massage using olive oil, which will ensure that you get the maximum benefit in the right way.

Foot massage sessions have spread today, due to their effectiveness in relieving body pain, as the foot contains the nerve ends of the nerves spread throughout the rest of the body, and people who spend long working hours standing, undergo foot massage sessions, in order to relieve their pain ,.

Often massages are done using oil from natural oils, including olive oil, which is the subject of this article.

Benefits of olive oil for the body

Benefits of olive oil

Olive oil is one of the well-known natural oils known for its great benefits to the human body, and this oil consists of a group of unsaturated fatty acids such as: omega-3 and omega-6 as well as oleic acid.

These fatty acids have a large and important role in the human body, which made olive oil one of the oils of choice for use in massages.

Benefits of olive oil to massage the feet

Olive oil has antioxidant properties

The antioxidant properties of olive oil contribute to treating inflammation of muscles and joints, and protecting them from the waste of deposited metabolites, as the accumulation of these wastes in the cells of muscle tissue as well as joints causes inflammation in the joints and the surrounding muscles.

Therefore, olive oil is used in massaging the feet for its ability to relieve and remove these pain and inflammation.

Foot fungus removal

One of the important benefits of olive oil is that it works as an anti-fungus, as olive oil eliminates the fungi in the feet, and repairs the dead cells that are next to those fungi, thus obtaining a smooth foot.

Treating cracked feet

These cracks are often caused by dry feet and lack of attention and care for them, and these cracks often increase in the winter, and massage with olive oil is useful in treating cracked feet, as olive oil moisturizes the feet and provides the necessary care.

Reach a state of calm and relaxation and reduce stress

When massaged with olive oil, it stimulates blood circulation in the cells of the body, which helps in nourishing the cells, expelling waste and toxins from them, this blood circulation when it works normally, it increases muscle relaxation, and this effect is reflected on the person, and he enters a state of calm And tranquility.

Activating blood flow to the cells of the body

With massage, olive oil expands blood vessels, thus stimulating blood flow to the massaged area.

Treat insomnia and facilitate sleep

Insomnia mostly results from excessive thinking and increased levels of anxiety and tension in a person, as the nerve cells in the human body cannot prepare the body for the sleeping position.

Body massage in general works to relax muscles and nerves, and reduce levels of anxiety and tension in humans, while olive oil stimulates blood circulation, nourishes cells and rid them of toxins, and thus increases the level of energy production in cells, and the tension and turmoil in nerve cells in particular is removed, to become a person Able to sleep and away from insomnia.

How to massage the feet with olive oil:

  • The masseur first rubs the entire foot with olive oil.
  • The masseur begins massaging the front of the foot, pressing it with the thumb to deliver the olive oil to the deep muscle tissue and treat its infections.
  • The masseur performs a massage with rubbing on the front of the foot area in order to stimulate blood flow to this area, thus the person enters into a state of relaxation.
  • The masseur moves to the heel area, and he massages this area with gentle pressure on it to ensure that the oil reaches the internal tissues, to perform its function in removing pain and inflammation, and treating cracks.
  • Since the heel area is the strongest area on the foot, pressure is applied to this area with regular circular movements, as most of the foot pain is concentrated in this area.
  • The masseur massages the soles of the arched foot and rubs it in order to stimulate blood circulation in it and deliver the oil to the deep tissues.
  • Moving to the toes, where the toes are tightened and pressed with oil, to remove the fungi in them, as well as what should not be forgotten between the toes, to remove the bacteria in this area.

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