Benefits of Thai Herbal Massage | The type of herbs used

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of Thai herbal massage, how it is done, what types of herbs are used in it and their effect on the body.

What is a herbal massage?

The herbal massage is mainly due to traditional Thai medicine, in which herbs are used during the massage process, until the skin absorbs these herbs, in order for the skin to get the natural benefits that these herbs have.

In this type of massage, the importance of the massage itself is combined, as well as the importance of these herbs used during the massage.

How is the work of the herbal massage?

A mixture of natural herbs is made, heated, and then placed in a hot cotton bag, and the massage is done using this bag and pressed on the skin, in order to stimulate the skin’s absorption of these herbs, and thus get the skin to obtain the natural benefits of these herbs along with the benefits of the massage itself.

Benefits of Thai herbal massage

Thai herbal massage is one of the massage sessions known for its well-known health benefits, and there have become massage centers specializing in this type of massage.

Among the health benefits of this type of massage:

Reducing stress levels in the body and getting relaxed

Massage works to relax the muscles of the body, and reduce levels of tension in them. This relaxation that affects the muscles is transmitted by the nerves adjacent to the muscles to the brain, so the person feels a general relaxation in his body.

The herbal mixture used in the massage session also works to enhance the body’s sense of relaxation and reduce tension and stress.

Boosting body energy

This herbal massage session stimulates the access of blood to the cells loaded with nutrients and oxygen, which stimulates the production of energy in the muscle and thus increases the ability of the muscle to exert more effort.

These massages also work to rid the muscle of toxins, which damage the muscle cells and make them unable to perform their functions.

Stimulate blood circulation in the body

Herbal massages work to enhance and stimulate blood in the blood circulation, by relaxing and expanding blood vessels, which reduces resistance to the passage of blood through them, and increases blood flow smoothly in the blood vessels.

Activate the muscles of the body

Herbal massages help reduce muscle tension and relieve muscle fatigue, as well as these massages relieve the effects of muscle spasms, which helps to maintain the health of muscle tissue and its ability to perform its functions.

Types of herbs used in this type of massage


Ginger contains a group of antioxidant compounds, which fight the factors of cell damage and aging causes of the skin, as well as works to purify the skin of toxins and treat acne and dark circles.

Ginger is characterized by its effective role in treating skin burns, restoring its freshness and vitality, and ginger also works to increase the smoothness of the skin.


Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties in the skin, so it treats sensitive skin, as well as wounds, in addition to that turmeric contains antioxidants that protect the skin from premature aging and protect skin cells from the influence of free radicals that cause damage to these cells. And have wrinkles.

Turmeric also treats dull skin, helps brighten it and restore its natural luster.


Cumin, while used on the skin, provides a treatment for pimples and boils, which result from clogging of pores in the skin, as well as works to purify the skin from toxins.

Cumin helps to deeply whiten and clean the skin, because it contains vitamin E, which stimulates the production of collagen and which also performs the function of protecting the skin from the signs of aging and aging.


Lemongrass has an effective role in treating acne and removing oily spots on the skin, thus restoring freshness and vitality to the skin, and contributes to purifying the skin from toxins and factors that cause damage to skin cells

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