Best Lower Back Pain Massage | 3 ways to treat lower back pain

If you suffer from lower back pain, then you are on the appropriate page, where we will review in this topic the best massage for lower back pain.

The back is the area that the body focuses on mainly because it contains the spine, while the lower back is the area most exposed to loads, and therefore it is the area most susceptible to pain and injuries.

Many of the wrong habits and behaviors in our daily life have the greatest impact on the occurrence of pain and inflammation in the lower back region, and among these wrong habits and behaviors:

Sitting wrong for too long

Sitting wrongly exposes the vertebrae of the spine, especially the lower ones, to an elongation process that may put pressure on the adjacent muscles temporarily, and this pressure may cause pain in the back area, and it may continue with the person if he does not alter his wrong sitting.

Lifting heavy weights wrongly

It often occurs when performing exercises incorrectly to negatively affect the lower back.

Vertebrae compression of the spine on nerves

Also, one of the common conditions that causes pain in the lower back region is the pressure of one of the vertebrae in the lower area of ​​the spine on the nerves, which causes very severe pain, which is also reflected in the feet as well as the lower back area, this condition is called gynecomastia, which can also be treated. Using massages and massages sessions.

These pains and inflammation that occur in the lower back region occur as a result of severe muscle fatigue, and the wrong postures that put pressure on the muscles in that area wrongly.

Therefore, massage and massage are among the best solutions that can be relied upon in order to gradually relieve and eliminate these pain.

Low back pain massage methods:

Swedish massage

The same methods of regular massage are used here, but the focus is on the lower back, and the following methods are used to massage the lower back:

  • The lower back area is applied with massage oil to reduce the friction between the hands of the masseur and the person’s body.
  • The person begins massaging from the bottom up with his fingers on the lower back.
  • The person changes the massage movements into circular motions while continuing to apply pressure in the lower back.

Reflexology massage

There is a method of massage called reflexology, and it depends on massaging other areas of the body other than the lower back. Massaging these areas works to relieve pain in the lower back area.

These areas that are massaged are called sense centers in the body, these areas are located under the feet, and contain sensation centers in all areas of the body.

When massaging and pressing these areas, it relieves some pain in other areas of the body, including the lower back.

Shiatsu massage

Siacho massage relies on pressure on specific nerve points in the body, and these areas have a direct effect on the areas where a person feels pain.

The history of this massage goes back to the Japanese, who believed that every part of the human body is linked to a specific nerve point in the body. This point when it is in its normal state, and blood flows to it naturally, so the person does not feel any pain in the part associated with this nerve point.

In the event that a person feels pain in the lower back region, for example, this area has certain nerve points in the body that suffer from blockage in some way, and blood does not flow to them naturally, so these nerve areas are massaged by pressing them, to improve and activate blood flow through them This reduces and relieves pain in the lower back.

In the lower back region, there are four points, two at the top and two parallel points below them, which are the responsible and associated nerve centers for that region.

When you massage these four points and around them with some pressure on them, they relieve the pain that we complain about in the lower back, sciatica, and so on.

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