The 7 best places for medical tourism in the world

2- Malaysia

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In the year 2015-2016, Malaysia was able to get the first place in the International Medical Travel Journal, in the category of medical tourism destinations. Malaysia is also distinguished by its low prices for medical services, and it provides patients with 5-star services. Hospitals are divided into hotel suites, and there are swimming pools in which hydrotherapy services are provided.

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3- Brazil

The World Health Organization has ranked Brazil as the best health services provider in the Latin American continent, as Brazil has more than forty hospitals accredited by the Joint Commission International, and surgeons and doctors are also very famous in Brazil.

Brazil has become one of the important countries that provide luxury medical services, especially in the field of plastic surgery, as it provides surgical and health services at a reasonable cost, as well as has a number of picturesque views that are suitable for spending the recovery period.

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