Best Relaxation Massage | 3 effective methods

Many people are looking for the best relaxation massage to do massage sessions in order to reach this stage, which is the stage of relaxation and psychological comfort, and to remove the anxiety, tension and stress that comes with the continuing pressures of life.

What is a relaxing massage?

Relaxation massage is one of the therapeutic massage methods that focus on achieving psychological comfort and nervous relaxation for the person, as it aims to achieve inner psychological peace for the person, by making muscle and nerve relaxations, and thus the levels of tension in the body decrease, and once this relaxation stage is reached, the body muscles recover Its elasticity and the body regains its energy.

Types of relaxing massages

There are many types of massage, which vary in their therapeutic purposes, and methods of applying them to the patient, and many of them are used to treat pain and inflammation that affect the body’s muscles and joints, but there are certain types of massage that are best for reaching a state of relaxation, getting rid of tension and tension and achieving inner psychological peace. .

Among the best types of massages for relaxation and rest are:

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is the most common and widespread massage among people, and the most sought-after to reach a state of comfort and relaxation, and get rid of tension and psychological stress.

Swedish massage involves a range of massage movements that include rubbing, kneading and light stroking.

The movements of rubbing and kneading that are with the fingers and the palm of the hand aim to relax the muscles and remove the spasms in them, which leads the patient to a feeling of comfort, and the light striking movements next to the hand target the nerves, which are the vessels that transmit nerve signals to and from the brain, when the muscle is stressed Nerves transmit muscle fatigue signals to the brain, translating them into feeling and feeling pain, so the light striking movements in a Swedish massage block the transmission of nerve signals to the brain, thus reducing the feeling of pain.

Hot stone massage

It is considered one of the best types of massage, which provides a person with a state of relaxation, psychological stability and inner peace, and the principle on which it depends and the method and tools by which this massage is performed is different from other types of massage.

In this massage, hot soft stones are used, and placed on certain areas of the body, and this type of massage differs from Swedish massage in that the heat emitted from these stones increases muscle relaxation and removes spasms, stress or even infections, which increases the speed of arrival A person to a state of relaxation and psychological comfort.

The idea of ​​hot stones is somewhat similar to the idea of ​​saunas, in which heat does the body relaxing its muscles.

Massage on the chair

This type of massage differs from the rest of the other types in that the person who receives the massage session is sitting in a chair designated for the massage session, unlike other types in which the person is lying either on his back or on his stomach.

This type of massage focuses on massaging the back, shoulder and neck area.

The masseur massages the upper area of ​​the sick person’s back and shoulders, this massage has an effective effect in the arrival of the sick person to the relaxation and psychological comfort position.

The reason for this is that massage stimulates blood circulation in this area, which is very close to the brain, and brain cells reach a relaxation position, which spreads to all nerves of the body, and the person feels a state of psychological comfort and reduces the feeling of tension

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