Beware .. massage exacerbates back pain!

The German therapist, Detlev Dieten, an expert at the “Healthy Back” association in the German city of Selsingen, warned against resorting to massages to relieve severe back pain, as pressure on the wrong places during massage may exacerbate the pain.

Detien added that massages contribute to relieving minor back pain only, stressing the need to consult a specialist immediately in the event that back pain persists for long periods, as this may be an indication of a herniated disc.

The therapist emphasized that massage is a temporary and not a radical solution to back pain, noting that practicing movement activities is the best way to reduce pain in the long term, so he recommended that Dettien ride a bike, for example, to go to work from time to time instead of a car, and climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator .

And he recommended not to wait in the first place until the feeling of pain begins, it is better to prevent it by continuing to engage in movement activities and use the appropriate tools for the back that protect it from any wrong postures, and it is also preferable to follow a healthy diet to avoid weight gain, which in turn can cause injury Back pain.