Buccal massage … a new technique that stars love

Buccal massage … a new technique that stars love

Buccal massage is a new cosmetic technique that stars like Jennifer Lopez, Megan Markle and Kate Moss have loved. What does buccal massage mean? It is simply a massage that involves inserting the fingers into the mouth and moving them with the cheeks. This technique works to sculpt the face and improve the quality of the skin. What are its benefits? How does it work? Why do the stars prefer it? Donna Omri, owner of Noy Skincare Clinic, explained technical details to a beauty site.

What is buccal massage and how is it different from other facial massage techniques?

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Placing a finger inside our mouth may not be desirable, but it is actually an extremely relaxing process. The name buccal refers to the area that is massaged, which is the cheek from the inside, and this is not just a deep tissue massage, but through the inside of the mouth, the muscles can be reached and massaged inside and outside simultaneously, and this removes blockages and adhesions, and completely improves the position of the face by Lifting, sculpting.

What are the benefits of buccal massage?

We are working on selecting muscles, stretching them and relaxing them, and ultimately strengthening them, “Omri says. Buccal massage” promotes self-healing in the skin, and removes blockages as toxic waste becomes trapped, which ultimately helps improve skin function. ” It also helps remove the puff from deep lines and wrinkles, smooth them, firm them, tighten them, lift them, and improve the position of the face.

How can buccal massage technique sculpt the face?

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 Donna says: By removing the blockage and exercising and relaxing the muscles, we ultimately strengthen them, as if we were re-training the muscles all over again. As we age, everything starts to slow down, but with massage, we do not just relax the muscles, we work them. Because of the repeated movements, we also cause micro-shocks, so that the skin can regenerate and perform the healing process by itself.

What Makes Buccal Massage a Good Technique?

According to Donna, most clients feel as though they have undergone a cosmetic procedure, through the sensation of tight skin. The result is not just limited to skin and face, the experience is also incredibly comfortable. Clients love the facial massages part, they want to relieve tension in their faces and jaws.

Where can we get a buccal massage?

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It all started in France

– The incision massage started in France, and it is not available everywhere, and it is anywhere between 300 to 500 dollars per session, and you can see immediate results in one session, and the frequent visits are only to relieve tension, on the basis of if you can subject your face For a massage, why not subject your face to this? To find a training therapist near you, look only to buccal massage clinics in the area or city you live in.