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Identification and tasks of epidemiology

Microbiology, virology, parasitology, infectious diseases, hygiene sciences and other disciplines study the problem of infectious diseases in various aspects. However, only epidemiology investigates the conditions under which infectious diseases can exist and spread and equips the population with methods to protect against them. Epidemiology can therefore be defined as the science of the patterns underlying …

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Why Bitcoin plummets as much as 15% just days after hitting record high ?

Bitcoin dropped as much as 15% late Saturday, its biggest intraday drop since February, just days after hitting record highs. It’s unclear what caused the sell-off.  The plunge in the world’s most popular digital coin came after reports attributed the decline to speculation that the U.S. Treasury may take action against money laundering that’s carried …

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Spas in US

Best 15 Spas in US

Spa getaways promise a special kind of mind-body tune-up — a chance to dedicate time to unwinding, reenergizing, and communing with nature. And thanks to the proliferation of retreats in the United States, which increasingly offer customizable well-being programs tailored to guests’ individual needs, travelers don’t have to travel far to take advantage. Every year for our World’s …

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