Combat wrinkles on your face with a massage at least once a week

Wrinkles is a problem that plagues many women, and wrinkles can occur due to many different reasons, including aging, And sun damage, smoking, lack of fluids, and various other factors.

And massage is considered a solution once a week at least is feasible to fight wrinkles, as the studied massage movements work to stimulate the flow Blood to the skin and relax the muscles of the face, and then the skin becomes flat and taut new.

And to remove forehead wrinkles – according to what was published by “Freundin” magazine, first an amount of Cream suitable for skin type, then place the middle finger horizontally over the eyebrows, then Massage the skin down with gentle pressure, then pull the forehead skin up, on that This process is repeated a few times in a row. It can also It also combats what is known as “wrinkles of anger” between the eyebrows through Massage. For this purpose, the middle finger is placed on the origin of the nose so that it is below the line Wrinkles, then forcefully move the finger upward along the wrinkle line several times Consecutive.

In the same context, experts warn of skin dryness, which accelerates the appearance of wrinkles; Where wrinkles can attack the skin Dry, especially the delicate area around the eyes, starting in the middle Twenties.

Also, UV rays are harmful Unhealthy nutrition and nervous tension are also among the factors leading to: Early appearance of wrinkles. To prevent this, experts stress the importance of Emdad The complexion is adequately moisturized and protected from harmful environmental influences, with Take into account the activation of the skin’s own self-repair mechanisms to eliminate any damage that may occur Out. That is why it is recommended to use gentle cleaning products, such as cleansing cream or milk, while avoiding the use of cleaning gel

Helpful anti-wrinkle tips:

1- Avoid exposure to the sun for a long time, as it is usually the main cause of wrinkles, as studies She confirms that she has a clear share of influence.

2- Avoid smoking. Studies have shown that cigarette smoke causes aging of the skin and that happens Mostly by secreting an enzyme that breaks down collagen and elastin. And moreover So, one study showed that a smoker has 40% more wrinkles than a non-smoker.

3- In order to avoid sunlight, the American Academy advises For skin diseases, using sunscreen or face cream that helps maintain the vitality and youth of the skin and free of wrinkles, but the most important thing From this it can help you avoid developing skin cancer.

4- Taking adequate sleep, as a lack of sleep will increase the secretion of cortisone It is a hormone that kills skin cells. And by getting enough sleep The body makes more HGH ( Human growth hormone) which can Helps maintain youthful, elastic and wrinkle-free skin