Common Types of Massages Know her to choose the right massage

Many of us hear about the types of massages and cannot know the difference between them, as there are massage and massage sessions in which certain areas of the body are rubbed and pressure is applied to the muscles and joints using the hands, and there are those that are used as a medical treatment against a lot of pain in these areas and remove stress Muscular.

There are several types of massage, depending on the way the massage works, or the country in which it was raised, the tools used in it, and so on, and the types of massage include the following:

 The first type of the most popular types of massage: Swedish massage

It is considered the lightest and most common type of massage, and this type is suitable for different types of people:

  • Who have not tried any type of massage before.
  • Who suffer from general muscle strain.
  • Those with sensitive skin.

Swedish massage is the ideal and best option for those who want to have a general body massage in order to feel a sense of comfort and relaxation.

The duration of this massage is from 60 to 90 minutes.

The second type of massage: hot stone massage

This type is similar to Swedish massage, but differs from it in that the muscles of the body are massaged and rubbed using a hot stone, and this type of massage is used to do a general massage in the body, especially in areas where there is stress and pain in the muscles.

This type of massage also helps improve blood circulation in the body, due to the heat present in the stone, which causes relaxation of muscles and blood vessels.

Hot stone massage is more costly than Swedish massage.

The third type of massage: aromatherapy massage

In this type of massage, oils with distinctive aromatic scents are used, and it is suitable for people who undergo treatment with a feeling of some relaxation and happiness, especially with smelling those aromatic scents that give the soul this feeling of relaxation and happiness in addition to the massage itself.

The fourth type of massage: internal tissue massage

This type of massage involves massaging and rubbing the body with the hands, with pressure with the fingers in order to reach the deeper layers of the muscles and internal tissues.

This type of massage is suitable for people who suffer from fatigue and pain in the muscles and deep internal tissues.

The fifth type of massage: sports massage

This type of massage is somewhat similar to the Swedish massage, in which there is a general massage and rubbing of the body, especially in areas that are prone to injuries and pain.

This massage is best for people who practice sports and athletes, as this type of massage is done for them, especially in the muscles that they depend a lot on, as this massage also helps reduce the incidence of injuries to them.

The sixth type of massage: arousal point massage

In this massage, the focus is on certain areas of the body, these areas are more painful in relation to the points adjacent to them, and they are called arousal points, these areas are focused and rubbing the massage as the basis of pain and pain in the entire muscle or tissue.

The seventh type of massage: Life stress therapy massage

This massage is used to massage certain areas of the body, which are areas of comfort and relaxation, such as the hands, feet and ears, and it is also used to recharge the body with positive energy.

This massage is done for people who want to feel comfortable and relaxed away from the stress of daily life, but this type is more suitable for people who suffer from sensitivity to massage and rubbing in general in the body, so this massage is done to massage certain areas only.

The eighth type of massage: Siacho massage

It is a type of Japanese massage, in which the focus is on certain points of the body, massaging them, rubbing them and pressing them with the hands and fingers, and its purpose is to feel comfortable and relax.

This type of massage differs from the Swedish type in that it is possible to massage a person with Siacho while he is fully clothed.

The ninth type of massage: Thai massage

This type of massage is adapted from the game of yoga, in which extensions are made in specific areas of the body with massages and rubbing with hands and fingers.

Thai massage is used for the following purposes:

  •  Improve the flexibility of the body muscles.
  • Stimulate blood circulation.
  • Charging the body with positive energy.

Tenth type: prenatal massage

This type of massage is specific for pregnant women, and therefore to reduce the pain they feel during pregnancy, and to reduce the muscle fatigue resulting from the movement of the fetus inside the woman’s uterus.

In it, the body is massaged and rubbed lightly so as not to cause any harm to the fetus.

Eleven type: marital massage

This type of massage is carried out between two people, where each one massages the body of the other, where the type of massage is chosen by agreement between the two people, and each individual massages his partner’s body in the manner agreed upon.

The twelfth and last type: chair massage

This type of massage focuses on massaging the areas of the neck, shoulder and back, where those areas suffer from pain and muscle strains as a result of sitting for long hours without changing the position, and so this massage is done for the person while he is sitting on the chair, and so it was named by that name

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