Correct Massage Method Choose one of 8 modes

The person who does the massage follows the correct method of massage, that is, he does not simply massage and rub the muscles of the body with the hands and fingers, but rather he follows a specific approach and a custom method that depends on the type of massage, the type and location of the pain that he treats.

There are many types of massage, and these types may share the way the massage is performed, and they may also differ depending on the condition undergoing the massage session.

And the methods of massage we list to you in the following article:

Longitudinal slip

This method is considered the main seed in the massage process, where the person being treated passes his hand over the person’s body as if it were sliding over his body in the direction of blood flow in the blood vessels.

This method helps to make the blood flow away from the place of injury or pain, which reduces the feeling of soreness and inflammation in the area where the massage is performed.

Rubbing or kneading

This method of massage is done by massaging using the palm of the palm with the thumb finger, where movement is made in a circular motion with pressure, and this method has different shapes, varying in the pattern, direction and rate at which the massage is performed depending on the state of the massage session.

Erotic point massage or active point massage

This method of massage is based on the same principle as the Chinese needles, where the body consists of certain points, which are located in the centers of the muscles, and are considered the points of activity in the muscle, in which most of the pain and inflammation in the muscle is concentrated.

In this method of massage, pressure is massaged and rubbed in those points, in order to relieve pain in those points, and thus the pain gradually disappears from the muscle gradually.

Deep areas massage

In this method of massage, pressure and massage is applied repeatedly using the fingertips, with the aim of reaching areas of pain and inflammation in the deep layers and far from the surface of the skin.

This method depends on pressure and massage of the muscle fibers, which make up the muscle tissue. These fibers are considered areas where pain and inflammation are focused, and by treating them, the muscle tissue is completely treated.

Pressure massage

Apply pressure repeatedly to the area to be massaged, with the aim of softening and thinning the muscle tissue.

This method is used mostly in order to prepare the muscle tissues for athletes to warm up before entering into strenuous exercises, and that is why this method is prevalent in sports massage, which football players are subjected to in particular.

Accidental massage of the fibers

Muscle fibers are stacked longitudinally next to each other inside the muscle, and in the case of muscle tension or stress, the tissues are tight next to each other, so that they suffocate each other, causing pain and soreness in the muscle tissue, and therefore this method is used to relieve this stress or muscle tension from During massages and rubbing of the muscle tissue transversely, not longitudinally, this type of massage will thin that tissue and relax it and restore it to its normal position, thus relieving the pain.

Swedish massage

This method of massage includes making long walks along the body in which massages, rubbing and pressure are done, as well as making some vibrations. This method is done as follows:

  • Passing hands lengthwise over the entire body with a very light massage.
  • Rubbing and kneading using the thumbs and the soles of the palm.
  • Moving the hand in a circular motion while pressing the muscle inward.
  • Do some vibrations, such as hammering the body next to the hands.

The massage works to elongate the muscle with the nerve

In this method, the muscle is subjected to a prolonged elongation process, whereby the muscle is left in the elongation position for 30 seconds, in order to target the nerve receptors so that they also become in an elongation mode.

After the end of the thirty seconds, the muscle is gradually relaxed.

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